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Prince Amukamara's draft diary: Part 1

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By Andrew Struckmeyer

Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara is talking to Pro Football Weekly for a weekly diary leading up to the draft. In his first entry, Amukamara hits on a variety of topics.

On training regimen and the difference between training for the draft and life as a college football player:

Amukamara: From 8:30 until 11:30 we're doing chalk talk, speed and working out in the weight room. After that we have lunch and then we start back up at 3:30 and end at 5, and we do the same thing — speed and working out in the weight room. I think the difference is, even though you work out a lot, it's almost like a job right now. You get up at 8 and you're done around 5. There is just more focus in it. It's been getting easier with the guys around me, and seeing how they are handling their time and this process.


On his fellow competitors:

Amukamara: I'm working out with Blaine Gabbert from Missouri, Roy Helu (from Nebraska), Brandon Burton from Utah, Aaron Williams from Texas, Greg Little from UNC, Julio Jones from Alabama, A.J. Green from Georgia. It gets competitive every workout. Me and Roy like to start up a chant if the Big 12 guys are doing good in a drill. But then sometimes guys fire back with, "you're not even in the Big 12 anymore, you guys are going to the Big Ten."


On Nebraska's move to the Big Ten:

Amukamara: I really don't know all the reasons behind it, but I trust Tom Osbourne and Coach (Bo) Pelini, and I guess it was more of an academic move than an athletic move.


On downtime:

Amukamara: We play Call of Duty on the Xbox, or just lounge around and play ping-pong. Blaine Gabbert is definitely the best Call of Duty player. I'm new to the game, and I'm more into NCAA Football 11 and sports games, although I'd have to say I'm the best NCAA player here.


On his position coach at Athletes Performance Institute:

Amukamara: Rashad Bauman is working with us here as our position coach. Rashad played a few years with the Redskins. I like him a lot. Not only does he teach us things on the field, but he tells us a player's inside view of the NFL and what to expect. For example, he was telling us the other day about how, as part of his rookie treatment, he had to take other players out to dinner and then pick up the bill, and he was talking about how high his bill was. His advice to us was just do it — it's a sign of respect, because everyone gets treated like that, especially on a veteran team.

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