Lone Packers ring bearer Kuhn hopes to 'win one on the field'

Posted Feb. 01, 2011 @ 4:38 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

ARLINGTON, Texas — For the record, no other Packers are genuflecting towards RB John Kuhn, the sole owner of a Super Bowl ring on the team.

And no, there are no hard feelings that Kuhn's ring was won as a member of the Steelers.

Kuhn was on the Steelers' practice squad during the 2005 season when they beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. For the Steelers that year, the saying of the week was "One for the thumb." Kuhn doesn't wear the ring on his thumb — he doesn't even wear it much at all, for that matter.

"I got it at home. It's in a safe," Kuhn said during Media Day at Cowboys Stadium. "I told a lot of people I don't break it out very much. It's something I am proud of, but I want to earn one on the field."

A few of his current Packers teammates have asked him about the ring, but that's about it, Kuhn said. His Super Bowl "experience" last time involved a lot of standing and watching. But now he's a key figure of the Packers as a runner, blocker and receiver, and judging by the early crowds in Dallas, we're sure to hear a lot of "Kuuuuuuhn" chants the first time he touches the ball in Super Bowl XLV from the Packers faithful.

The result of his increased role? One of 14 podium spots reserved for key players meeting the media on Tuesday. Within the "first minute or two" of Media Day, Kuhn said, he already had answered more questions than he had during the same session five years ago.

As for his Steelers connection, it has mostly dried up. He sent some text messages to some members of the team this week, a few of the offensive linemen and the strength coaches, and says he has no feelings whatsoever about facing the team he spent one season with.

"We joked around a little bit over text, but it's all business now," Kuhn said.