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NFLPA: Injuries more common, severe in 2010

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By PFW staff

A report released Friday by the NFL Players Association shows that injuries to players rose in 2010 compared to previous seasons.

The report, titled "Dangers of the Game of Football," stated that player injuries rose from 3.2 injuries per week per team up to 3.7. Also, the share of players injured increased to 63 percent, up from the 2002-09 average of 59 percent.

NFLPA medical director Dr. Thom Mayer said that the data prove that players are risking their health on every play of every game.

"We know that injuries are part of the game, but the more data and information we can gather on player health and safety, the more likely we are to make the game safer," Dr. Mayer said. "Player contracts are not guaranteed, even as injury rates rise, which means careers face sudden ends each time the ball is snapped."

Injuries were not only more common in 2010, but also more severe. Of all the injuries that took place, 13 percent required placement on injured reserve. That included Browns LB Scott Fujita, who suffered a knee injury in mid-November.

"An NFL football field isn't a typical workplace, and we know we are facing significant risk when we play this game," said Fujita.  "We're talking about more than 350 players going on injured reserve during the course of the regular season, which is more than any year in the previous decade."

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