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Packers they said it: Thursday edition

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By PFW staff

PFW delivers a double dose of noteworthy quotes from the Packers' coaches and players who were available to the media throughout the week prior to departing for Dallas, where they will meet the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

Head coach Mike McCarthy on if he will change his playbook for the Super Bowl:

"I've always told the offense, we have enough plays to play doubleheaders, and that's really true because just the way our structure is built. It's not a big deal for us to take protection and put it with a different pass content and put it into a different personnel group just because of the way it's all put together. We have plenty of offense whether we play indoors or outdoors. That will be no different. I think the biggest mistake is — just going through it this morning, you watch too much film and you have too much volume. But we are not going to do that."

Special-teams coach Shawn Slocum on the Steelers trying on onside kick the last time they faced the Packers:

"That's always in the back of our mind. We special-teams coaches are a little different. We have a library on one another. And Al Everest has been a very good special-teams coach. He wasn't there last year. But I'm sure he's aware of some of the things we've done, and we will keep that in mind that Coach (Mike) Tomlin made that call. And we will be prepared for that."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers on what stands out to him about the Steelers offense:

"They've got a big strong quarterback that's hard to get on the ground. You see numerous times people come flat free, and he's got a real unique ability to pump fake, get them off balance, has very good pocket instincts, and he has very good vision in terms of where the pressure's coming from."

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin on the toughness of QB Aaron Rodgers:

"He's a tough guy, obviously. He's … unfortunately, he's been sacked a bunch since he started playing in '08, more times than we'd like to admit. So I think his physical toughness has really never been in question. How this particular game compares to other games, you know, I don't really have a good feel for it. But certainly he's a tough, physical guy."

WR Greg Jennings on what he took away from the Packers' last meeting with the Steelers:

"That was one of those games that, one of those close games we didn't come away with. We've had a lot of experience in a lot of close games that we haven't been able to win. Obviously, this year we've had some close games that we didn't win, but we won the majority of them. But for the most part we were able to move the ball. We were able to establish some identity in what we were trying to do offensively. But you can only look so far into what you did last year."

OG Josh Sitton on the offensive line's confidence against blitzing defenders:

"It's a big thing. And we go against defense like that starting in March. With Dom Capers, you see the type of things that Dom Capers does and all the blitzes he brings and different looks. They rattle our brains, the whole offseason, and it just helps us with these other exotic defenses like Pittsburgh."

DE Ryan Pickett on what it's like to tackle a quarterback the size of Ben Roethlisberger:

"It's hard. It's hard. We were watching the film of last year with Big Ben, and we had five sacks, but, man, we could have had him down 10 times, but he's tough to tackle."

Rodgers on advice he has received from other Super Bowl quarterbacks:

"I reached out to a couple of them. Kurt Warner's been a great friend, really since I was drafted. And so I reached out to him about any advice he can give me this week, and the next week, it's readily appreciated. I'm sure there will be more conversations with him."

CB Charles Woodson on having played in a Super Bowl before:

"You know, one of the biggest things is that that year, with everything being pushed back, you know because of 9/11, as soon as our championship game was over, we were basically trying to get everybody's families together, trying to figure out travel arrangements and the tickets right after the game. We had a quick meeting and we were on a flight, basically, within hours of that game."

ILB Desmond Bishop on whether or not the Steelers have an advantage because of their recent Super Bowl victories:

"I guess so. I guess you could say that. Throughout the course of the season, I think especially in the playoffs, all the statistics and who is more likely to win or lose, it's all like … none of it matters. It's like any given Sunday, whatever team shows up that particular Sunday and executes the game plan the best wins. And no matter if they have a lot of experience and we have none or vice versa."

CB Jarrett Bush on overcoming criticism from the fans:

"It was unfortunate what they thought of me, but what I thought of them didn't change. I thought they were still the greatest fans in the world. But it was up to me to change their perception of me and the way I played the game, the way I played football."

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