Packers they said it: Monday edition

Posted Jan. 24, 2011 @ 5:52 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

PFW delivers a double dose of noteworthy quotes from the Packers' players who were available to the media the Monday afternoon following Green Bay’s 21-14 victory over the arch-rival Bears in the NFC title game.

Packers OLT Chad Clifton on how hard it was to win three playoff road games in a row and why the Packers were able to accomplish that feat:

“That's difficult going on the road and playing in someone else's stadium in front of their fans. I think it just speaks volumes about the team that we have here, though, that we're able to do that through the course of the season with the injuries and the guys able to step up and make plays and play well. It speaks volumes.”

Clifton on how his neck is feeling after getting banged up a bit against the Bears:

“It's pretty sore today. It's a little stiff. But it's something that I've played with before. Stingers are pretty common in the league. So (I am) just fortunate that I was able to come back and play.

Clifton on how the Packers’ running game has improved:

“Yeah, well, I think (rookie RB James) Starks has really come in and kind of sparked it a little. We're blocking pretty well for him. He was able to yesterday get off some big chunks of yardage, and that just keeps the defense — they can't just pin their ears back and play the pass the whole time. So whenever you're a more balanced team, that's going to help.”

Packers RB John Kuhn on his feelings, as a kid from Pennsylvania, as far as facing the Steelers on Super Sunday: 

“I'm excited. I'm really excited. I was secretly hoping because I still have a bunch of friends over there. It's just a special feeling. I've got a lot of friends and family and people rooting for me that are Steelers fans, and it's going to be great.”

Kuhn on what he knows about Pittsburgh’s defense:

“Well, I know they're the only defense to allow fewer points than our defense, and our defense is pretty good. So they've got great guys on the edge. They've got Troy Polamalu, who wreaks havoc in the secondary. And they look like they play really good team ball.”

Kuhn on the job Packers GM Ted Thompson has done: 

“I think Ted's done a fantastic job. I'm not really a guy to judge what the general manager does. But we've had a lot of injuries this year, and he's been able to roll with the punches and get guys in here and contribute. So I think a lot needs to be said for that.”

Packers WR Donald Driver on how much doubt he had after 12 years that he would ever get an opportunity to play in the Super Bowl:

“How much doubt? I don’t know if you get any doubt. I think you get to a point where it’s hard to get here, and once you get in, then you just say, 'hey, I’ve got to win it all.' I don’t think we had any doubt that we couldn’t get here at all. One thing we did do is we believed. We believed that no one could stop us. It started in March, and the crazy part about it is once we got to training camp, I think guys really believed in it. We started putting Super Bowl everywhere, and now we can say we're in it.”

Driver on how hot the team has been and how important it will be to sustain that momentum over a two-week stretch:

“I think you can. I think you've got to get to a point to still just play your style of football. That's what we have to do right now. We can't change anything. We have to look at this as just another game. Even though the big thing is to bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy back home, that is the goal, but we've still got to go out there and play football. Regardless, you can talk all the talk you want to, but you've still got to play the game. Right now we know we have to play a game against a great team that's been there before, that has experience, that’s won it. We want to win it now, and that's our goal.”

Packers FS Nick Collins on whether he thought he was going to have kind of a Troy Polamalu-style role when the team switched to a 3-4:
“Two different styles of players. He gets to do his own thing. He's been in the league for a while, has that freedom. I'm still learning. There's a lot I still want to learn about this system, so I'm just going to keep preparing myself every year to get better.”

Packers LOLB Clay Matthews on whether Ben Roethlisberger is one of the toughest, if not, the toughest quarterback to sack:

“He is. From last year, taking him down personally, you see quarterbacks who sometimes go down easily, and you can bring him down. But he's one of those guys who will fight and gets out of a lot of sacks, and the sacks that he does give up, he's still standing. As you can see from the game last night, he continues to make plays by breaking those sacks and those tackles and letting his receivers get open downfield.”