They said it: Packers Thursday edition

Posted Jan. 20, 2011 @ 1:49 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

What follows are a handful of noteworthy late-week quotes from Packers players as they prepare to face the Bears on Sunday with the NFC championship and a trip to Super Bowl XLV on the line:

QB Aaron Rodgers on playing against Bears LB Brian Urlacher: "Brian is probably my favorite player to play against just because I enjoy the seconds between snaps. He's a very funny guy on the field. I know a lot of his calls probably don't mean a lot, and he probably knows the same thing about some of my calls, so we have some fun with each other back and forth, not only between plays, TV timeouts, (but) at the line of scrimmage." (Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette)

CB Charles Woodson at having the opportunity to play for a chance to go to the Super Bowl: "For every player in the NFL, these are the moments that you play for, to have an opportunity. I've been once, and it was an incredible experience. It's been a long time ago, though, now. The thing is you never know when you'll get back. You never know if you'll get there. You never know if you'll win one. But to have the opportunity, and again, to be one of the final teams trying to get to the Super Bowl, it means a lot." (Source:

PK Mason Crosby on playing at Soldier Field: "It's a tough place to go play. The field can cause some problems as far as footing. They have a good fan base and get a lot of noise. And they've always had a good rush team. They do a good job of finding penetration in our protection." (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

WR James Jones on the types of defense the Bears have shown: "They played a lot of one (safety) high in the Seattle game (last week) too. Just like the first (Packers) game, they started out (Week Three) with one high, we moved the ball well on them and they played cover-2 the next three quarters. I guess it depends how the game goes (this week). But we know we'll get a variety of looks from them." (Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette)

DE Ryan Pickett on the Packers' defensive line: "Opposing guys are probably not going to run through us. They're going to have to run around us, and that's how teams have been attacking us with the run game. They try to get it to the outside. It's tough making a living running inside the tackles against us." (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)