Packers 60-second rant: Look for tricks during Sunday treat

Posted Jan. 20, 2011 @ 4:55 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Da Game!

It’s getting closer, friends.

And it’s also getting to the point where every conceivable angle possible this Sunday already has been covered like a blanket by the local media and beyond. The one I’d like to rant a little about is my strong suspicion that a trick play or two will come into play this Sunday in a potentially big way. And there’s one I actually have in mind involving one B.J. Raji, the behemoth Packers nose tackle who has been doing double duty as of late as a blocking fullback.

Wouldn’t it be more than just a little cool if Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, who has shown some real creativity this season in a number of ways (remember the onside kick to start the New England game?), borrowed a page from “Da Coach” (Mike Ditka) and used Raji as a short-yardage steamroller near the goal line a la William "Refrigerator" Perry? “The Fridge” became an overnight sensation after his one-yard TD run against the Packers in a Monday-night game back in the Bears' magical 1985 season. How about Raji returning the favor on Sunday?

While the prospect of Raji pulling a “Fridge” occurred to me rather quickly, it turns out I was far from alone in envisioning such a scenario, as a few respondents were quick to mention the same possibility in a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Insiders’ blog.

The Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein immediately dismissed the concept of a Raji TD run, and he ought to know, since he watches the team like a hawk every minute of every day. But mark my words: McCarthy has some sort of trick up his sleeve for Sunday.

And I can hardly wait to find out what form his trickery will take.