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They said it: Packers Monday edition

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By PFW staff

What follows is a double handful of noteworthy early-week quotes from Packers players a few days after Green Bay’s 48-21 rout of the No. 1-seeded Falcons last Saturday night in Atlanta:

Packers C Scott Wells on how the Packers’ considerable familiarity with the Bears might impact these teams’ third matchup of the season this Sunday:

“For one, I think it's great for the fans. It's a huge rivalry game. There's some great history between these two teams. So we're familiar with them. They're familiar with us. So the preparation's really going to go back to trying to evaluate what we do and controlling what we do going into this game and being at our best effort to go out there and get the win.”

Wells on the Bears’ well-regarded defensive linemen:

“Their starting four, they're outstanding up front. Anthony Adams, I think, is one of the most underrated defensive linemen in the league. If you watch film, he's always around the pile. He does an excellent job playing with low pads, creating penetration, getting penetration. So he's one player that I have to be familiar with, because he lines up over the center most of the time. The other guy, (Israel) Idonije, does an excellent job on that side. He kind of gets overlooked because of (Julius) Peppers and what he brings to that package. Really their front four, I think, is an outstanding defensive line. Well-coached. Tommie Harris is playing well here toward the end of the season. They do a great job holding their gaps and playing their scheme.”

Wells on rookie RB James Starks’ success out of the inverted wishbone and if he believes there's a new element to the offense that teams have to worry about:

“Oh, yeah, definitely, I think we've had more success running the ball the latter part of the year. I think we went through a feeling-out phase early on, trying to figure out what we were going to do once Ryan (Grant) went down. And I think we found a good balance with Brandon (Jackson) and with James and John (Kuhn) and Dimitri (Nance), when he stepped in there. So right now we have four good running backs, I think, and if we do our job up front opening up holes, they do an excellent job hitting the holes."

Packers WR Greg Jennings on if he watched the Bears-Seahawks playoff game and if he thought the field might have affected the Seahawks:

“I did watch the game. I know it affected those guys on a couple of routes that I saw, couple guys slid. But that's going to happen regardless of what field you're on, if you're in that type of climate. You have to be mindful of your footing and your body lean and things like that.”

Jennings on when he first became aware of the intensity of the Green Bay-Chicago rivalry:

”Honestly, I didn't become aware of it until I got here. I could have cared less for the Bears, and should I say the Packers, too? I really didn't watch either the Packers or the Bears. I was a Barry Sanders follower. So whatever Barry did, I knew everything he did. But once I got here, I started to understand how in-depth the rivalry was and how important it was to not only the players, the organization, but to the fans.”

Jennings on what he took away from the two games the Packers have played so far this season against the Bears:
“Well, number one, you know you're going against a fast defense, a defense that can make plays. They thrive off of turnovers. If we can take control and keep their defense on the field and keep their offense off the field, but at the same time be mindful of the ball-security phase, then we have a great shot of winning the ballgame.”
Packers ILB A.J. Hawk on where he ranks Devin Hester as a threat in space whether as a returner or wide receiver:

“He's right at the top of the list, I would say. For sure. He can do everything. Once he gets the ball in his hands, he's tough to stop. Tough to get down. He does a great job of especially returning punts. When he gets the ball, he might make a few moves, make the first guy miss. He gets vertical quick.”

Hawk on what he thinks it will be like playing the Bears for the third time in one season:

“It will be good. That's why I think it's going to be a great matchup just because there's no secrets. They're not going to do anything new. We're probably not going to do anything new. It's going to be football. It's going to be up to the guys on the field, I think. … It's football. This is how it should be. In Chicago, cold-weather game. Big rivalry. It's going to be a good one.”

CB Tramon Williams on whether he could identify a particular point when things really started to click for the Packers: 

“Just the urgency of feeling that we were in the playoffs, two games before the playoffs started. Basically it was win or go home. And we knew that. We knew the type of team we had. And we knew it would be a shame if we didn't make it to the playoffs. And I think guys took that approach and saw it like I saw it and just kind of got it together and everyone's kind of playing together at this point.”

Williams on if he is immune to all of a sudden becoming an instant star:

“Not really. You know, it's fun. It's what you work for to be great and pretty much be the best at what you want to be the best at. And that's always been one of my things to work at being the best. You sit back and watch other guys make plays and do things and get all the attention. And as a competitor, somewhere deep down inside you want to do the same things those guys are doing. You want to be that player.”

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