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Eagles mull Vick contract, Kolb trade options

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Posted Jan. 15, 2011 @ 1:15 p.m. ET
By Eric Edholm

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg knows what QB Michael Vick has meant to the Eagles this season, and he wants him back. "He doesn't care how it's done, what it looks like, who is involved; he just wants to win," Mornhinweg said. "The preparation on the field, off the field — all those things allowed him to become the leader of this football team. He earned a lot of this."

Vick completely changed the landscape of the Eagles' season, and it has created — to borrow an Andy Reid-ism — a "beautiful thing" of an issue this offseason. The team must decide first what it wants to do with Vick, who is slated to hit free agency this offseason. It also must make a decision on Kevin Kolb and determine whether it's wiser to trade Kolb for a bounty or keep him around as insurance for the injury-prone Vick.

One course of action is to place the franchise tag on Vick (assuming there is one in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement) and then work toward signing him to a long-term deal. Although sources had indicated previously that Vick might be irritated with that move, fearing he might have to play a season under the one-year tender with no long-term security, he says he has no issues with such a scenario.

"I believe everything will work itself out," Vick told PFW. "Because of the CBA, you can't call any of the shots; you can't make any of the decisions. But I hope the right decisions are made at the right time, and things work out here. That's what I want."

If it were up to Mornhinweg, he'd like both Vick and Kolb back.

"I would love to keep both of them," Mornhinweg said, almost echoing the words of Reid a few days earlier, "but it might be sort of a crazy offseason."

A source with the team reminded PFW that Kolb had earned the starting job to begin the season and that many believe he has earned the right to start in the NFL. But with Vick's sudden and unexpected evolution, the Eagles would be foolish not to stick with Vick. Several teams will call about Kolb and ask about his value, and the Eagles would be wise to let a bidding war begin to see how high it will get. If they trade him this offseason, the Eagles would need to add a veteran QB, as Mike Kafka is not ready to be the backup just yet.

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