Three-and-out with Bears TE Greg Olsen

Posted Jan. 13, 2011 @ 9:23 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

Fourth-year TE Greg Olsen met with the media at Halas Hall this week and answered questions on a variety of topics, including why the Bears struggled to pick up the Seahawks' blitzes when they played in Week Six. Olsen explained what the issues were in that game, and he also addressed the importance of converting on third downs, which is something the Bears failed to do against the Seahawks last time.

How did Seattle attack you in the first game, and how do you guys counteract it?

Olsen: They got after us. They blitzed. They got after us with a lot of multiple looks. They were coming off their bye. They had two weeks of preparation for us and they did a good job. Hats off to their team. They kind of had us on our heels a little bit. A lot of the things we kind of did to ourselves, but since then we've gotten it cleaned up. Everyone's on the same page with exactly what we're trying to get accomplished. We expect a better outcome this week.

Was it timing stuff? Was it guys not being in the right spot as far as blitz pickup?

Olsen: I think it was a combination of things. A couple times it was just straight breakdowns where we should have guys for this guy and we didn't. Very rarely did they just straight beat us in one-on-one matchups. It wasn't so much that they brought some looks that we hadn't seen before that. Like I said, at the time we were kind of still developing and learning. Our offensive line was kind of a new group every week. It was kind of just the first time seeing a lot. Since then we've settled into exactly what we're trying to do. Hopefully we do a better job.

You've done a better job on third downs since then. How much has doing a better job on third downs helped your confidence as an offense?

Olsen: It's been huge. Third down is a huge stat, especially around here. We put a lot of emphasis (on it), both as an offense and defense. I think that game (against Seattle) we were 0-for-100 or whatever it was. The whole game we didn't convert a third down, and that's bad. That can't happen. Since then we've been pretty good. I don't know exactly what our numbers are, but I think it's been pretty good. We have to keep that going. We have to sustain drives and not just rely on big plays to score.