Three-and-out with Wayne Larrivee

Posted Dec. 31, 2010 @ 10:50 a.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

PFW: Give me what you think will be perhaps biggest key to victory generally speaking against the Bears this Sunday?

Larrivee: I think getting some pressure on Jay Cutler and forcing an interception or two will be big for the Green Bay defense. The Packers cannot allow Cutler to get into a rhythm and need to cover the quick back-foot slants he throws.

PFW: Give me what you think qualifies as the key matchup in this game?

Larrivee: The key matchup is Green Bay's special-teams coverage of Devin Hester on both punts and kicks. Keeping him hemmed in on the sideline, or just not punting the ball to him at all, will be important.

PFW: Obviously, A-Rod (Aaron Rodgers) came up huge last Sunday against the Giants and justly deserved Player of the Game honors. But who should have been a runner-up in your opinion in a game that featured a lot of strong performances?

Larrivee: Greg Jennings was unstoppable against a good corner in Corey Webster. His seven catches for142 yards really helped motor the Packers down field.