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They Said It: Vikings Thursday edition

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By Eric Edholm

Here's a collection of quotes from head coach Leslie Frazier, QB Joe Webb and Lions DT Ndamukong Suh as the Vikings prepare to play in Detroit on Sunday.

Vikings interim head coach Leslie Frazier on the plan for Brett Favre for the next few days: "We're probably going to make a determination today whether or not he takes [the ImPACT test] again. If it's not done successfully by Saturday, then we'll have to make a determination. That will probably be the cutoff for sure at the latest."

Frazier on whether Sidney Rice is at a point where he can even take that test: "There's a bit of lag time but he's at that point where he can take the test."

Frazier on how much the Vikings can expand the playbook with Joe Webb after Webb's performance on Tuesday: "We're going to try to put a couple wrinkles in there that might be able to help him. Especially the fact that he's gained more confidence now because of the success that he had on Tuesday night, we can open it up a little bit. Not very much more because of the time that we have to prepare, but we do want to give him some opportunities, both in the pass game and try to do some things in the run game that may open up some things for him as well. We will give him a little bit more."

Frazier on preparing for the Lions on such a short week: "It's almost like preparing for a game when you're in a Thanksgiving week and you're playing in a Thanksgiving Day game. You cut out the Monday and Tuesday for the coaches that are days of preparation. For the players, Tuesday would ordinarily be a day off and so would Monday at this time of the year. So there are a couple of days that they lose from a rehabilitation standpoint and just getting their bodies back. It's dramatically different for us to start our preparation on a Wednesday for a Sunday game, this time of the year. It causes you to do some things differently and we've had to do some things differently in the last three weeks than we would have otherwise."

Frazier on whether he has a meeting scheduled with the Wilfs to discuss the future: "We haven't set a formal meeting, but we're going to talk today to set up a time to talk."

Frazier on if he's relieved to know that this game will be played on Sunday at the scheduled time: "Don't speak too soon."

Vikings QB Joe Webb on how much he learned Tuesday in Philadelphia: "I expected them to come with a lot of blitzes with me being a young quarterback not having that much experience. I expected that they would throw a lot of heat at me. My offensive line did a great job in that area by picking it up and protecting me very well. I was just expecting the team to go in there and give great effort so we could come out with the win."

Webb on getting more first-team reps last week: "Just getting my feet wet a little bit. This game I was able to see the field a little more, see the coverage a lot better. Last week versus Chicago things were moving pretty fast because it was my first time really getting in and playing in an NFL game. Things starting slowing down a little bit in the Chicago game, but the Eagles game I was able to get into a rhythm pretty early and able to slow the game down."

Webb on Brett Favre helping him when Webb came to the sideline: "Brett gave me great tips. Every time I came off the field he'd see little things that he'd tell me and the next series I would try to point out what he would tell me and try to execute on it."

Webb on whether he and Percy Harvin have been working on a connection in practice: "Yeah, the last two weeks since I've been working with the first team I've just been trying to figure him out. I haven't been able to throw to him the whole season. Throughout practice I would just throw balls with him, even before practice, after practice, just to get the timing down, to get the rhythm down. We connected a couple times in the game."

Webb on whether he was changing plays at the line of scrimmage on Tuesday: "There were quite a few plays that I made audibles on, trying to get the offense in perfect position for a good play. For the most part, the coaches tried to simplify the offense for me as much as they can just to make sure I would be able to play fast and not do a lot of thinking."

Webb on what position he should play going forward: "Right now, it's just my job. Wherever they put me, play it to the best of my ability. Right now I'm at quarterback so I'm putting all my focus as a quarterback until they tell me otherwise. As of now, I'm just putting all my focus on quarterback and trying to get better at that position."

Lions DT Ndamukong Suh on how the Lions' mood has changed: "We really had the mindset going into the fourth quarter of our season that we really wanted to in these last four games, put ourselves in a position to continue to work hard and play for ourselves. Obviously the playoffs were out of the scope and we wanted to end our season on a high note so we brought it together even tighter and still understand we have a lot of work to do and accomplish and play together to get these wins and finish the season 6-10."

Suh on what finishing ahead of the Vikings might mean: "To be honest with you, in my personal eyes, I don't think it means that much. The only thing that would really mean something is obviously winning the division and being able to move on to the playoffs. Winning and being third in the division, it seems you're the second loser in the whole thing. That's the way I pretty much see it right now."

Suh on how much he follows Kevin Williams' career: "I definitely know of Kevin Williams' play and he's a great player, obviously he's been doing it for quite a while and I can't say much more other than that. Being voted ahead of him in the Pro Bowl, it really wasn't my decision, but it's something that I am definitely excited about and looking forward to taking part in."

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