Packers 60-second rant: Luck has been a Bear necessity

Posted Dec. 28, 2010 @ 8 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

In the immortal words of Dirty Harry Callahan: Are you feeling lucky?

The answer to that question, if you’re a Packers fan, is probably, “Not really” — not with the Bears, who have had a major horseshoe up their butts this season, on tap for a Black ’n Blue showdown this Sunday with EVERYTHING at stake.

That’s right, my Packers app amigos. You can be forgiven for feeling more than a little squeamish with your team — which has probably been the unluckiest team in the NFL this season, aside from the Colts, with all the injuries it’s been forced to overcome — matched up against the Good-News Bears, who have been amazingly free of injuries and have caught one big-time break after another all season.

Why, the way things have gone for Lovie Smith’s star-kissed troops this season, it wouldn’t be a shock at all later this evening if the Vikings pull off an upset of the Eagles in Philly, thereby assuring the Bears of the No. 2 seed in the NFC and a precious week off to begin the “second season.”

Of course, if the Packers pick up where they left off in Lambeau Field last Sunday, when they annihilated the Giants with probably their best effort of the season, it won’t matter that the Bears have been living such a charmed life in 2010.

But what are the odds that the Packers will have two easy victories in a row after making sure that most of their games this season keep their fans tied up in knots right up to the end, as was the case in their earlier game this season against the Bears?

In case you forgot, which I highly doubt, the Packers came up short in Soldier Field way back in Week Three when 18 penalties proved to be the ultimate dagger. It seems they’ve really cleaned up their act along those lines in recent weeks, registering only 66 yards in penalties in the last three games.

But I repeat: The Bears’ ridiculous luck so far this season is a red flag that is just really, really hard to ignore.