Three-and-out with Wayne Larrivee

Posted Dec. 24, 2010 @ 8:29 a.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Every week, Packers radio play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee, who also co-hosts the "Pro Football Weekly" syndicated radio show with PFW editor-publisher Hub Arkush, answers three pertinent questions about the Packers.

PFW: The consensus seems to be that Matt Flynn passed his first major test against the Patriots with flying colors. What was your overall opinion of his performance?

Larrivee: Matt Flynn was, as expected, mostly cool under the glare of the Sunday-night lights and heat of the New England Bill Belichick defense. The moment is not too big for this guy, and that is why he performed overall very well — with the exception of the pick-six and the struggle to get it done in the final seconds.

PFW: There were plenty of potential turning points in the Patriots game. But was there one any bigger than Patriots OG Dan Connolly's 71-yard kickoff return? Have you ever seen anything like that? It just seemed like there weren't any Packers in sight, although I just might have been transfixed, watching that dude so deftly lumber his way downfield.

Larrivee: The little things at this time of year separate teams that are going places and teams that will be home in January. Tom Brady threw two interceptions to the Packers, and they dropped both. Allowing anyone, much less a 300-pound offensive lineman, to rumble 71 yards with a squib kick is inexcusable, and when you get to the doorstep, you must punch it in! Little things cost the Packers — who were brilliantly prepared, well coordinated and the aggressor in that game — from winning. I'm sure it was very frustrating for Packers fans.

PFW: What are your thoughts on the challenge the Giants pose this Sunday? One thing they have definitely done is beaten up big-time on opposing QBs this season. Do you agree that the Packers' protection is going to have to be much better this Sunday than it was against the Pats?

Larrivee: The Packers are facing the best front four they have seen this season. Pass-pro will be a premium, but the Giants have committed the most turnovers of anyone in the league. Eli Manning will throw the ball to the Packers two or three times, and those backs will put the ball on the "Frozen Tundra" at least once. The Packers must not only accept those gifts, they must open them for touchdowns!