Five questions with former Packers CB Doug Hart

Posted Dec. 23, 2010 @ 9:09 a.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Each week throughout the season, PFW executive editor and resident Packers expert Dan Arkush hooks up with a personality who has connections with the Packers and asks him five Packer-related questions. This week Dan connects with Doug Hart, a cornerback for the Packers from 1964-71.

1. How much do you continue to follow the Packers?

Hart: I still try to catch as many games as I can, which depends on how many are televised in the Minneapolis area, where I live. I’ve been to three games in person this year. I also love to go to Green Bay because there are some rivers with some real good steelhead fishing, which is a passion of mine.

2. How impressed were you with the job Matt Flynn did against the Patriots in place of Aaron Rodgers?

Hart: I’m very optimistic about him. He won’t surpass Rodgers, but in the future, I think he could be a real solid quarterback. One problem I could see maybe is his height. The camera Sunday night made it seem like he was shorter than a lot of the onrushing defenders (he’s actually 6-foot-2). That could become a problem, making it harder for him to spot receivers.

3. In order to make the playoffs, the Packers have to knock off both the Giants and Bears. Any particular thoughts on those two teams?

Hart: The Giants are big, strong and really solid in the way they do things. If not for their (punter), they probably would have beaten the Eagles (in Week 15). As far as the Bears go, the guy they have to really worry about is (Devin) Hester. He’s the fastest guy on the field and can beat you in a lot of ways.

4. As a former cornerback, what are your thoughts on Packers CB Charles Woodson?

Hart: He is an example of a really great corner. He’s aggressive and very smart. He’s just really good. He never makes mental errors, and plays the position the way it’s supposed to be played. For him to get beaten, it usually is because of the other guy just making a great play.

5. Tramon Williams, the Packers’ other starting corner, has come on like gangbusters. What do you think of him?

Hart: He’s got great speed, balance and change of direction. And like Woodson, he’s very smart and crafty. The receivers he defends can never be sure what he’s going to do.