They said it: Bears edition

Posted Dec. 22, 2010 @ 6:01 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

Here's a sampling of what Bears players and coaches are saying in advance of their Week 16 game against the Jets:

Head coach Lovie Smith on whether there's a connection between Devin Hester getting more comfortable at wide receiver and his recent success returning kicks: "There could be a connection, but I'm not smart enough to figure all that out. I just know that right now, for whatever reason, he has been in a groove for a while. Every time he goes back (to return a kick) now we believe he can score a touchdown. That didn't just come up on the Monday-night game. He is feeling it, but there probably is some comfort in what he's doing as a receiver and of course as a returner."

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz on how different he is compared to years past and whether he is more flexible: "That's a tough question. I really don't know. I think we all mature. I probably have matured later in life than a lot of guys. Maybe. I'm not there yet. I think we all change and grow with different situations. … Flexible has probably never been a word that's been associated with my name. I think so, though. I'd like to think so. That's a question for somebody else really."

TE Greg Olsen on critics of QB Jay Cutler: "We're not really too concerned with what analysts and so-called experts say. We won 40-14. Obviously (Cutler) did a lot right. If you want to find one or two plays, pick (a) Hall of Fame (player) and I could find you a couple plays that didn't go so well for (him). That's just the way it is. There are always going to people that want to bring people down when they're doing well."