Ravens' ground game displays its potential

Posted Dec. 22, 2010 @ 8:58 p.m.
Posted By Mike Wilkening

Late last season, the Ravens' rushing attack asserted its will and racked up yards by the bushelful. While Baltimore's ground game has largely disappointed in 2010, there is hope the Ravens can employ a physical, run-first offensive attack when circumstances call for it, and the Ravens' overwhelming success using this blueprint against New Orleans in Week 15 can't be anything but a positive sign, the way we hear it. The Ravens have long relished pounding away with the ground game and were seventh in the NFL in rush attempts (422) through 14 games. They have been more likely to run left than right, and OLT Michael Oher, OLG Ben Grubbs and C Matt Birk are all regarded as good run blockers. They have had particular success running behind Grubbs, one of the NFL's better players at his position. RB Ray Rice, as he showed vs. the Saints, can make his own luck, too, with his quickness and tackle-breaking ability. All told, it's a running game with upside — and one that believes it can build some late-season momentum, we're told.