Five questions with PFW Vikings correspondent Judd Zulgad

Posted Dec. 22, 2010 @ 6:57 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Ace Vikings reporter Judd Zulgad took time this week to answer five pressing issues as the team gets set to face the Eagles in Philadelphia in Week 16:

PFW: All things considered, how did the Vikings, the Metrodome people, the NFL, the NFLPA and everyone else involved handle the past two weeks?

Zulgad: About as well as could be expected, although you can make the argument the game should have been moved to an NFL-caliber playing field. Nonetheless, once it was decided the game was going to be played at TCF Bank Stadium, they did a nice job of getting the venue un-winterized and opening things back up. The fact it snowed probably helped keep fans away, so there was no issue with crowd control as far as I could tell. About the biggest obstacle was a fan who ran onto the field and the snowballs that sailed toward the Vikings' bench in the second half.

PFW: Can you see the Vikings' next stadium being outdoors (with heating coils, naturally)?

Zulgad: Zygi Wilf says that is what he wants but it makes little sense to the state. If the state is going to help build this thing they have to put a roof on it to attract conventions and events such as the Final Four. A venue like Ford Field — which essentially is a shed that allows plenty of light in — would be ideal, given the fact politicians aren't going to splurge on this. But if they really want to spend and make everyone happy then they will look at a retractable roof.

PFW: Can Joe Webb be a starting QB in the NFL one day? It didn't look that way on Monday.

Zulgad: It's likely he will end up at wide receiver. Brad Childress is the guy who kept Webb as a quarterback when the Vikings' brass expected him to move to wide receiver after he was drafted last April. With Childress gone, it won't be surprising at all if Webb's future is as a receiver.

PFW: What is going on with C John Sullivan's snaps? Is this a Steve Blass Disease thing? 

Zulgad: The issue is an interesting one and Monday could have been because the football was starting to freeze at times with the game at TCF Bank Stadium. Sullivan has had issues in recent weeks with high snaps, which is not exactly what you want from a team that often works out of the shotgun.

PFW: Is there any benefit to Brett Favre playing in Week 17?

Zulgad: Depends on who you ask. In reality, the Vikings have nothing to gain by starting Favre and might as well get a longer look at Webb. But Favre is making it clear he wants to play, and if he does that before the Lions game it's likely the Vikings will give him the assignment. Remember, this guy went from "out" to "questionable" on game day!