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Week 16 power rankings

Posted Dec. 21, 2010 @ 9:18 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

1. New England Patriots: Just how Belichick drew it up: close enough to scare players.

2. Atlanta Falcons: Caught a big break with Saints losing at Baltimore.

3. Philadelphia Eagles: Miracle in the Meadowlands, Part II.

4. Baltimore Ravens: Really opened up the playbook for Ray Rice.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: Still in good shape to win the AFC North.

6. New York Jets: Taylor's safety, defensive stand at end underscore lack of dominance.

7. New Orleans Saints: Loss really dealt them a blow with Falcons game up next.

8. Chicago Bears: Sat back Sunday and watched best scenario play out.

9. New York Giants: Michael Vick accounted for 215 yards in final 8:17.

10. San Diego Chargers: Might be the one AFC team the Patriots legitimately fear.

11. Green Bay Packers: Coaching staff should have helped Flynn more at the end.

12. Kansas City Chiefs: Huge performance from Wallace Gilberry (three sacks, FF).

13. Indianapolis Colts: Saved season but still have to go out and win division.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars: Del Rio will regret going for it on fourth down.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: How are they not double-teaming Calvin Johnson at end?

16. Oakland Raiders: Marcel Reece holds unofficial title of best big-play fullback out there.

17. Miami Dolphins: How does a team go 6-1 on the road and miss the playoffs?

18. St. Louis Rams: Conservative offense has its limits.

19. Dallas Cowboys: Jason Witten remains at Pro Bowl level despite the offensive changes.

20. Seattle Seahawks: Hasselbeck's repeated turnovers forced benching.

21. Minnesota Vikings: Maybe Joe Webb can show he's a quarterback down the stretch.

22. Tennessee Titans: Emotional scene with Mike Heimerdinger earning game ball.

23. Cleveland Browns: Mangini not looking so bulletproof now.

24. Washington Redskins: Just imagine what John Beck could have done to Cowboys.

25. San Francisco 49ers: Shut down Vernon Davis, and the offense dies.

26. Houston Texans: Fighting with opponents is one thing. But among teammates?

27. Buffalo Bills: Young receivers stepped up with a few big catches.

28. Detroit Lions: Double duty: Ended road losing streak, hurt Bucs' playoff chances.

29. Arizona Cardinals: Hightower fumble, Breaston recovery was, sadly, play of game.

30. Cincinnati Bengals: More relaxed atmos­phere without a certain wide receiver.

31. Denver Broncos: Hey, Tebow's first start was far from awful.

32. Carolina Panthers: Emotional Fox coaches team to one more ugly win.

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