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They said it: Browns Monday edition

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Posted Dec. 20, 2010 @ 11:49 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following are quotes from Browns head coach Eric Mangini's Monday press conference. Quotes are from a transcript provided by the team:

Mangini's opening statement: "The two areas where we need to obviously improve is the ability to consistently run the ball and the ability to consistently stop the run. The next thing is third down, third-down conversions offensively and defensively, and both those things now are contributing to the huge swings in time of possession. I think in both areas there are technique things that can be a lot better, a lot more consistent in terms of the reads, the fits, things like that, and they're correctable. What we were looking for today in the tape is to watch it and watch it with honesty and understand where each person could improve and where we could improve collectively, then come back on Wednesday and make sure those things are addressed and addressed in a very effective way.

"Another thing. I know that someone had said that I was calling the defensive plays, and I wasn't. I wouldn't do that to (defensive coordinator) Rob (Ryan). I have a ton of faith in Rob. I just wanted to clear that up as well."

Mangini on how he hopes president Mike Holmgren looks at the Browns' back-to-back losses:
"I think it's indicative of the step that we've been at here and we're trying to take, which is to be able to win consistently. Two weeks ago we had won two games in a row, so (at) different points in the season, different things have happened. When you do look at something in its entirety, you don't just look at it based on what has happened in the most recent past. I'd assume he'd look at it that way and that's how I expect it to be evaluated."

Mangini on the Browns' run defense: 
"I think what happens is, when you don't convert a lot on third down offensively, the defense is on the field a lot. And when you're not doing a good job converting consistently defensively, the drives extend. The volume of runs increase dramatically, and that has really been the case. Improving in those two areas — I'd say third down particularly — you're going to see swings. That being said, if we improve our technique and have the fits that we should have, those runs aren't going to be as effective as they have been. It just shouldn't work that way."

Mangini's take on whether losing the past two games will affect his job status for next season:
"I think that the important thing for me, and the important thing for the players, and I talked about this with the guys, is to just focus on the next game. I know you've heard that from me before and that's really what I believe in, and I believe that's the way that we're going to be successful, that any individual is going to be successful and not worry about that other things. That will all take care of itself. What is important to me is that the guys continue to improve and that we play well as a team. That's what I want to do, that's what want for this team, for this group of guys, and everything else will handle itself."

Mangini on whether the back-to-back losses say anything about the direction of the team:
"You're going to have to ask Mike about questions like that. I feel pretty confident in the direction this team is heading and the direction we are headed in organizationally. I think it's apparent in the type of people that we brought in, the way that we play, and there are hiccups along the road in any process like this. There are growing pains in anything like this, but I'm confident in the coaches, I'm confident in the things that we've done, and I believe in what we stand for and what we teach. I think that we've got a very bright future for this team and this organization."

Mangini on whether he was waving in defensive signals at points on Sunday at Cincinnati: 
"It's all hands on deck. There were some run/pass keys that I felt pretty strongly about, so I was more giving that. The call was the call, I was just more signaling what I felt was coming."

Mangini on whether he had waved off any defensive plays he didn't like: 
"No, I wasn't waving off (plays). It's more, 'It's probably going to be this, fellas.' "

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