Costas interviews Packers CB Woodson Sunday night

Posted Dec. 19, 2010 @ 2:34 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

In an exclusive interview airing on “Football Night in America” as part of NBC’s coverage of the Packers-Patriots showdown in Foxborough Sunday evening, Bob Costas goes down Memory Lane with Packers CB Charles Woodson.

The emphasis of the interview is on the famous “Tuck Rule” game nine years ago when Woodson, who was then a key defender for the Raiders, sacked QB Tom Brady and recovered an apparent forced fumble at a key point in the game.

“We’re fired up. And all of a sudden, there’s some commotion, and we’re trying to figure out why they’re not saying, ‘Oakland ball. Let’s run this clock out,’ ” Woodson told Costas. “They come back and they explain this tuck rule. It’s just a terrible rule.”

Woodson went on to tell Costas that he’s had a very hard time getting over the controversial ruling.

 “You don’t get over it,” Woodson said. “Especially around this time of year. The playoffs are coming around.”

Woodson also told Costas he thinks the league going to 18 games is not a good idea.

“Not at all,” Woodson said. "The toll that it takes on the body … The players truly understand what that is. Just look at the number of concussions you’ve seen this year. This is something that they’ll have to live with the rest of their lives. Those guys have to hit every play. To take that to two more games will be devastating for a lot of guys.”