Three-and-out with Wayne Larrivee

Posted Dec. 16, 2010 @ 12:46 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

Every week, Packers radio play-by-play man Wayne Larrivee, who also co-hosts the “Pro Football Weekly” syndicated radio show with PFW editor-publisher Hub Arkush, answers three pertinent questions about the Packers.

PFW: Can you offer a quick assessment of Matt Flynn’s effort in place of Aaron Rodgers last Sunday? I thought he was looking pretty good early in the second half until he unloaded that ugly interception in the endzone.

Larrivee: The game is not too big for Matt Flynn, and that is a good thing. Unfortunately he does not have a lot of game experience, and that, along with the lack of reps a backup QB gets in practice, were factors in an uneven performance in Detroit. The Packers believe he is a legitimate NFL QB, and they have spent three years developing him. I know people will underestimate him, but do that at your own peril. He led LSU to the national championship (not JaMarcus Russell — who was a top pick in the draft) and brings great intangibles to the position. Mike McCarthy believes he has all the physical tools, and it is the intangibles that make the difference at that position.

PFW: In the worst-case scenario, just how much confidence do you have in Flynn’s ability to keep the Packers in contention if Rodgers is deemed unfit to play this Sunday and beyond?

Larrivee: Like I said above, it’s not a worse case for the Packers. Is Matt Flynn Aaron Rodgers?  No. But he can handle the stage, and after three years in the system, the Packers believe he will be ready to play if necessary.

PFW: McCarthy said early in the week that OLB Frank Zombo (knee) could be really challenged to play this Sunday. How big of a loss would that be, and how do you see the Packers compensating for his possible absence?

Larrivee: The Packers are now losing starters that began the season as backups, especially along the defensive front seven. That is why the run defense has struggled of late (see N.Y. Giants and Bears of last year — they had the same injury problem). The Packers like Erik Walden, who would probably start if Zombo can't, but he was on the street earlier this year.