Team unity away from home leading to Dolphins' road success

Posted Dec. 16, 2010 @ 5:18 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

If the Dolphins have a miracle finish and make the playoffs, they will do so with a losing record at home. If they miss out on the playoffs, they will likely have one of the better road records of a team to fail to make the postseason. Through 14 weeks, the Steelers were the only other team with six road wins, but the Dolphins' home record is dismal. Early on, it could have been a testament to their opponents, but a loss to the Browns highlighted the fact that Miami simply has been a different team at Sun-Life Stadium. The way we hear it, the Dolphins seem to have a more business-like approach to away games and are a more together team on the road, as opposed to being compartmentalized leading up to home games. That road-game-camaraderie was brought to the forefront when the team went to New York a day early to see "Lombardi" on Broadway with owner Stephen Ross. They went on to beat the Jets at the Meadowlands 10-6.