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They said it: Browns Wednesday edition

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Posted Dec. 15, 2010 @ 4:50 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following are quotes from Browns head coach Eric Mangini, who met with the media Wednesday. Quotes are from a transcript provided by the club:

Mangini on whether rookie QB Colt McCoy, who was to take snaps with the first-team offense Wednesday after missing the past three games with a high ankle sprain, was limited in any way: "In terms of movements and all the things that are going to be asked of him as a quarterback, he doesn't have the limitation there. It's going through that and actually doing that and seeing how it looks and how he feels, that's a component of it too. I'll be more definitive here probably tomorrow."

Mangini on whether McCoy could run the full complement of plays after missing the past three games: "I really think you could. What I've seen throughout the course of the season with him, and this is really what you look for from young guys, is he's able to put a lot of things in the bank and then build on it. Obviously playing the games that he did was tremendous to do that, but he's very diligent with his preparation and his routine. I think Jake (Delhomme) has been instrumental in that too, in terms of establishing a game-week routine that's really effective. The work that (offensive coordinator) Brian (Daboll) has done with him and (QB coach) Carl Smith has done with him and his approach to it I think has been real sound, especially for a first-year guy."

Mangini on whether his thought process on planning for the club's future was different with the Browns out of playoff contention: "I think every time that we go out and have the opportunity to practice, it's building for the future. With the injuries that we've had through the course of the year, young guys have had real opportunities to play, young guys have played because they've won spots. I'm never in the mindset to just play someone for the sake of playing them; to me, it's more because they've earned that opportunity, and I think a lot of our young guys really have done that. Some of the opportunities have presented themselves because of injuries or things like that and then it's up to them to go in and seize that and really do something with it. I really view it as we're always building for the future by the way that we continue to improve. What I ask the guys each week and really each day is, 'What are your one or two things that you're going to work on today?' and then collectively what our goals are as an offense and defense and as a special-teams group for us to improve, not necessarily just the execution of the game plan against the Bengals."

Mangini on whether OLB Scott Fujita, who has missed the past four games with a knee injury, would return to practice this week: "He's a lot closer. He's really come along toward the end of last week and then even (Monday), Tuesday this week but in terms of practicing on Friday, I'd say outside chance. Good strides, I don't even know if we would do that at this point until we really felt like he had all the things he needed to have from a change-of-direction perspective before we have him going out and thinking about the plays because now it's just not as of a controlled environment. We'll make sure we're rock solid on that."

Mangini on whether the recent decrease in catches from WR Chansi Stuckey was planned: "No, it's not by design. What we've seen over the course of the season is  (TE) Ben (Watson) will have a breakout game where he gets 10. There was the game where 'Robo' (WR Brian Robiskie) had seven. Sometimes based on the matchup or the way they are rolling the coverage, that guy ends up being the target more frequently. We'd all love to have equal distribution around the field where every guy is getting 'X' number of balls per game, but depending on how they roll it, what the matchup is and things like that, you can get a higher percentage of balls thrown. Also with each guy, it's their ability to get open against the man-to-man matchup that they have."

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