Vikings-Giants matchup of the day: Friday

Posted Dec. 10, 2010 @ 1:22 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Here's another key matchup to watch when the Giants and Vikings meet Sunday at the Metrodome:

Vikings CB Asher Allen vs. Giants receivers

The Giants, like any good team, are known for targeting the defensive back they believe is the weak link in a secondary. Right now that would be Allen, who has struggled this season and is the corner who often gets picked on. There is no reason to go after Antoine Winfield on the other side, as Allen, at 5-foot-9, is routinely soft in coverage and victim to stronger receivers.

The question is who will line up opposite him most often. It likely will be Mario Manningham, but that depends on the health of WRs Steve Smith (chest) and Hakeem Nicks (leg), who both say they want to give it a go this weekend after missing action the past few weeks. Manningham is not a blazer, but he has a sneaky quickness on the field that surprises some DBs. Allen will play a little off at times knowing Manningham doesn't catch a lot of short routes, but Manningham doesn't like to be jammed at the line either.