They said it: Patriots Wednesday edition

Posted Dec. 08, 2010 @ 6:59 p.m.
Posted By Kevin Fishbain

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady spoke to the media on Wednesday to discuss Sunday's matchup against the Bears. The following quotes are from transcripts provided by the Patriots.

Belichick on the Bears' defense: "(They're) a really good defensive football team. Pretty much everything, any way you want to measure them statistically is real good: points, third down, red area, pressures, forced fumbles. You name it, they're good at all that. [Their] front is very disruptive. They cause a lot of negative plays. They're hard to block. They move a lot. They're quick; they're powerful. [Their] linebackers are very active — (Lance) Briggs, (Brian) Urlacher — it's an impressive group. (They're) good in the secondary, ball-hawking type of team; they turn the ball over a lot. You have to really protect it against them."

Belichick on how he can replicate Bears QB Jay Cutler's arm strength in practice: "The JUGS machine."

Belichick on where he sees Bears offensive coordiantor Mike Martz's impact on the offense: "Everywhere. The way they break the huddle. From there on, it's Mike Martz. They shift. They motion. They use a lot of different formations. They run the concepts that he's always coached — the passing concepts, the running-game concepts they have. Mike has a great set of complementary plays so if you stop one thing, then he's got the complementary play. If you're stopping one, then you're really not going to be able to stop the other."

Brady on this being his first time playing at Soldier Field: "We played in Champaign the last time we were supposed to play in Chicago. That was a hell of a game … We were down 11 with four minutes left and came back and beat them. That was pretty special, but we haven't been to this stadium. We played in Soldier Field in 2000. I didn't play. I went to the game. I was eating nachos I think. We didn't play very well that day either. I haven't been to the new Soldier Field."

Brady on his receivers getting yards after the catch: "I think that's really a strength of what our guys are able to do. There's very good quickness by our team, by Wes (Welker), by Brandon (Tate), Aaron (Hernandez), Deion (Branch). All those guys can run after the catch. If you get it in their hands they're very dangerous with it. We've got to continue to get the ball in their hands so they can do that. That was really something that we went into last week saying, 'All right guys, this is what we've got to do. After we catch it we've got to make some yards.'"