Vikings rookie report: Week 13

Posted Dec. 07, 2010 @ 12:42 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Here's a look at how the Vikings' rookies fared in the Week 13 win over the Bills:

CB Chris Cook (second round): Cook has been inactive the past two weeks as he has battled knee swelling. It's expected he'll play again some time this season, but the Vikings could shut him down for the year if it continues.

RB Toby Gerhart (second round): After his breakout performance against the Redskins, Gerhart was on hand for another expanded role Sunday when he spelled a dinged-up Adrian Peterson for 12 solid carries. Gerhart had a pretty cutback that he took for 12 yards and probably would have played more had he not pulled a hamstring that ended his day.

DE Everson Griffen (fourth round): Griffen has received more snaps of late and hasn't done anything major but did have a lightning-fast pressure and is becoming more trusted as the season wears on. He also factors in on special teams, where he has been solid, but he was called for an illegal man downfield on a punt Sunday.

OG Chris DeGeare (fifth round): In his first real NFL action replacing Steve Hutchinson at left guard, DeGeare mostly showed he is not ready for primetime. Although his effort was good, he clearly needs to refine his technique, play with better waistbend and finish blocks. He allowed a few pressures, was called for a false start and couldn't finish defenders off on run plays. DeGeare has the size to be an NFL guard, but he must learn to use it. Another year watching behind Hutch couldn't hurt.

QB Joe Webb (sixth round): It was Webb's season debut, but it didn't go exactly as planned. The Vikings had only three true wideouts active, but they had Webb up as a special teamer/specialty offensive player with what appeared to be a big role carved out for him. He found out Friday he would be returning kicks in the game (the first time he has done that on any level) and actually took back the opening offering 30 yards, giving the offense nice field position at the 35-yard line. Webb then was on the field for the first offensive play of the game, running a fake reverse on a play that went to Peterson. Later, though, Webb pulled a hamstring covering a punt and his day was over. The Vikings might have been in trouble if Tarvaris Jackson, who replaced Favre, had gotten hurt because Webb was the third QB as well. But Leslie Frazier was not about to reveal the team's plans if that would have happened.