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There is no need to state the obvious

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By Barry Jackson

Wouldn't it be a more enjoyable viewing experience if analysts used the filter between their mouth and brain and refrained from saying the obvious?

There are several who do this, with CBS' Solomon Wilcots the most egregious, and others (Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa, Joe Theismann, Brian Billick) also prone to this exasperating disorder.

I've charted comments under the "why bother saying this?" file for weeks, and Wilcots, regrettably, sets the bar. Among his jewels: "During the final two minutes of any half, great quarterbacks go to work to put points on the board." (No kidding.) ... "You must tell (the quarterback) to protect the football and don't take sacks."

And a 3rd-and-1 in the red zone "is the biggest down of this drive." And "the only thing Ryan Fitzpatrick has to do is find the open guy." Memo to Wilcots and others: Think before you speak. If most viewers already know what you're going to say, do not say it.

Wilcots also told us last month that "Miami has improved in the ability to run it" — which is absolutely untrue. The Dolphins' numbers on the ground were down from last season heading into ­December.



• Credit CBS for two wonderful pregame features recently: one on people benefiting from deceased Bengals WR Chris Henry's organ transplants, and another on the Steelers helping build a memorial for victims of the 9/11 crash in a Pennsylvania field. James Brown cried on set after the Henry feature, and it was understandable.

• When Steve Young talked about the Vikings' problems in typical gasbag, know-it-all fashion on ESPN last week, Matt Millen apparently couldn't take it anymore. "Steve, you don't freakin' know what you're talking about," Millen said. "You have no idea what's going on in that locker room."

• Best scoop of the month: Fox's Jay Glazer, revealing Broncos coach (now former coach) Josh ­McDaniels told his team that their taping of an opponent's walk-through didn't compare to what the Patriots did a few years ago, which was "coached, practiced and worked on.'' And in an unrelated matter, Glazer says McDaniels ripped his coaching staff in front of owner Pat Bowlen.

• Only one of the NBC games subject to flexible scheduling figures to end up being replaced — Chargers-Bengals in Week 16.

• CBS analysts were insensitive for laughing after Bills WR Steve Johnson's emotional postgame news conference in which he was very hard on himself for dropping a potential game-winning touchdown catch against Pittsburgh.

• Dan Patrick has a creative flair on NBC's highlights show, but why must he yell so much? ... Embarrassing error of the past two weeks: CBS posting the incorrect records for teams in an AFC West standings graphic, and Gus "Screaming" Johnson not bothering to correct it. ... Speaking of Johnson, why would he blame a late-hit penalty against Julian Peterson as a sign "of the inexperience of the Detroit Lions"? Peterson has been in the league 11 years.


Barry Jackson covers sports media for the Miami Herald.

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