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Favre has sprain, needs rest

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Reese: Giants' Tuck wants to regain form

Posted Feb. 23, 2013 @ 11:26 a.m.
Posted Dec. 06, 2010 @ 5:49 p.m. ET
By Eric Edholm

Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier said QB Brett Favre has a sprained throwing shoulder, which he suffered on his first pass attempt Sunday, and that his status would be day-to-day. Frazier added that the Vikings would see how Favre responds in the next few days before making a decision on who would play quarterback when the Vikings play the Giants on Sunday. "From what I have been told, rest is probably key," Frazier said. "That is going to be number one. They will do some exercises with him to help him as well. It's not something that can surgically be attended to. It's just a matter of rest and the rehab they will put him through."

The PFW Spin

Frazier has said Favre will be his QB assuming he is healthy. But despite three interceptions Sunday, including one that was run back for a score, backup Tarvaris Jackson played well and seemed to impress Frazier with his performance.

"He did a lot of good things during the course of the game," Frazier said. "One of the things I liked about yesterday, after he threw that pick-six he bounced right back. I told him when he came to the sideline, 'You've got to make sure you keep your head in this. You've got to take us on to the Promised Land the rest of this day. We're throwing the football on the very next play.' I wanted him to know that. Sure enough, we call a pass, he completes it, he gets on a roll and does a pretty good job the rest of the way."

It's hard to imagine Favre not making himself ready to go, no matter what doctors say about the injury, and play Sunday. But what happens if it's clear that Favre can't make the throws? Would Frazier pull Favre? Even more interesting, would Frazier step in and say no to Favre, who has started 296 consecutive games, before the game starts? It would be a fascinating decision early in the head-coaching tenure for a man who is trying to convince the Vikings' brass that he is the man for the job.

"If the medical people tell me he is clear and Brett feels comfortable, he will play," Frazier said. "If he is not comfortable and he doesn't feel like can do the things he needs to do, much like on Sunday, he didn't feel that he could go back and do anything other than maybe hand the football off, so it wouldn't be wise to put him out there and ask him to do anything else.

"The streak really doesn't come into play. Brett is going to be honest about where he is. I really trust him in that regard. If he can play, he'll tell us, if he can't play, he'll tell us. He will be honest in that regard."

Does Frazier trust Jackson? That remains to be seen. Although he did some very good things Sunday, leading the team to a season-high 38 points and getting the ball to Sidney Rice, which Favre had trouble doing in the two previous games, the turnovers are key. One of Frazier's key directives for his team was to win the turnover ratio, which it hadn't done well through the disappointing start to the season. If Jackson wants to be a part of things, he'll have to clean that part of his game up.

"He's a resilient guy," Frazier of Jackson. "We knew that we were going to face some adversity yesterday. You don't like to have the number of turnovers that we did have, but the fact that we were able to overcome it is a plus for our football team. Overall, he did a lot of good things under some stressful situations. We've just got to continue to work to eliminate the turnovers."

Right now, Favre is Frazier's guy. But it might not take much for the tide to turn if the medical reports come back unfavorable.

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