Vikings' offense starting to evolve after Childress

Posted Dec. 05, 2010 @ 12:59 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

There has been speculation about how the Vikings' offense might change without Brad Childress' fingerprints on it, and we're starting to see what that effect is. In the first game without Childress on the sideline, we saw a more simplified attack. It was a bare-bones offense in some respects, and though a part of that had to do with an injury to RB Adrian Peterson during the game, it also clearly was by some design coming into the game.

Our sources in Winter Park say that although Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell weren't necessarily of two minds offensively, they certainly were not on the same page all the time. Bevell often called the games the way Childress wanted them, and the head coach had a direct say about the opening script, as well.

And for all of the spats between Childress and QB Brett Favre, that tension now is gone, for what it's worth. Everyone knows that Bevell and Favre are tight going back to their Green Bay days together, and their offensive philosophies are more in line with each other than they were when Childress was running the show. As for the brief spat between Favre and Bevell during the Week 11 loss to Green Bay (coincidentally, Childress' last game), chalk it up to two frustrated and proud competitors suffering a very tough loss.

It should be worth noting, though, that just because Favre and Bevell see eye to eye offensively, it won't necessarily mean that Favre is going to go out with guns blazing. Even though this very well could be the final call for Favre, as he has said repeatedly he is done after this season, you might actually see him throw less often than he did earlier in the season.

Peterson has been the team's best offensive option all season long, and even if his ankle holds him back, the run game has been the bread and butter all season and has been the one truly reliable offensive option.