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They Said It: Vikings Thursday edition

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By Eric Edholm

Here are some selected quotes from two Vikings assistants (as provided by as they prepare to face the Bills on Sunday:

Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on Toby Gerhart's performance against the Redskins: "I thought he handled it well. I thought he responded well. He showed some toughness in the run game. He got dinged up a little bit, as well. He was able to show some toughness there and get back in the game for us. I thought it was a great performance by him. It was something that we do have trust in him, but anytime you get out there and really start to carry the load like he did, it even makes you feel more comfortable in that situation."

Bevell on Sidney Rice getting close to being back in sync with Brett Favre: "Each day we are able to get in here and work on it. I think it gets better. Balls are going his way. There are a couple times we were able to get balls in his direction. We just need to continue to work and get those two guys together. I think they have a good feel for how Sidney is going to come out of routes and that type of thing. Right now, Sidney is playing a different position than last year as well, with some of the adjustments we have had to make. I still think we are coming along with all of that."

Bevell on whether Favre seems more tired-out this year than last year: "I think he has a little bit more on his plate this year than he had last year, as well. I don't know if you can say worn out or not, but he is in here working the same. He is competing the same. He's practicing the same. I can't say other than that."

Bevell on Favre's run for a first down at the end of the game: "I thought it was awesome. Just the way we designed it up, was to be able to take that for 10 (yards). Anytime you have a movement play, that is always the last option. You usually have three different layers and then obviously the last one because it ends up being a safer pass, where you can eat up time and still keep the clock moving by getting a complete pass or even the quarterback going for a positive gain still helps to keep the clock moving."
Vikings special-teams coordinator Brian Murphy on the lack of explosive returns from Percy Harvin the past couple of weeks: "I think it's a little bit of each. Where the ball is being kicked, they've been short; it's a little bit of each. The thing will come. You've just got to continue to work. It's parts in motion. It'll come."

Murphy on the Redskins' long kickoff return and their long punt return that was called back: "The kickoff return, it wasn't a very good job of identification by our cover guys. We didn't do a very good job of moving with the ball. I've said it every week and there's no magic formula. You've got to be able to move with the ball and make sure there's leverage and put it in the spot you want to put it as a coverage player. Everybody's got that home-run hitter. It doesn't take much, especially with the ability of Brandon Banks. We're going to see two guys this week. It doesn't take but a couple steps and the ball is on the edge of your coverage. You've got to be right and the margin for error is minimal. You've got to be right there. The punt, there was a penalty on that one. I think that had something to do with it. Again, two steps, one guy makes a poor decision and with that kind of game-breaking speed you get hit with it."

Murphy on whether any of the Vikings' special-teamers belong in the Pro Bowl: "The one guy I think is Chris Kluwe. He's punted the ball well; whether you talk about gross punt, net punt, punts inside the 20, fair catches, two touchbacks on the season. I think if you take a look at all the categories he's certainly punting at that type of level and has been effective for us."

Murphy on whether Kluwe is doing something different with the ball that allows him to get the good side hops to prevent the ball from bouncing in the endzone: "Probably the trajectory of the ball being a higher ball. Line drives typically carry the ball forward. Part of it is rolling hot dice. That's as much of it as anything. You talk about not being hit with the injury bug or things like that. Part of it, too, is just being hot."

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