They said it: Bears edition

Posted Dec. 01, 2010 @ 6:42 p.m.
Posted By Dan Parr

Here is a sampling of what Bears players are saying in advance of their Week 13 battle against the Lions.

QB Jay Cutler on the importance of beating the Eagles: "I think the team's excited. I think everyone's got their feet back on the ground now, but you could tell what it meant to that team in the locker room afterward, how excited everyone was. In the back of everyone's mind, we got a little bit of respect by beating a team like that."

S Chris Harris on the team's cover-2 defense: "We don't really care about yards. Yards don't win you games. Points win you games. We could give up 500 yards. We don't want to, but if we don't give up three points, who cares? We don't. This defense is based off the front four. If you have a good front four, and the front four has been playing outstanding, you can play this style of defense."

LB Nick Roach on the Lions' offense: "You can't sleep on anybody. Every week is a big deal, a big game. It's such a fine line between good teams and bad teams. To look at their weaknesses would be a bad decision."