Packers' 60-second rant: Pregnant thoughts on a busy day

Posted Nov. 30, 2010 @ 8:36 p.m.
Posted By Dan Arkush

The beat goes on in what has turned out to be a pretty busy day covering the comings and goings of the 2010 Packers, who I think we can all agree gave it their absolute all this past Sunday down in Dixie against the high-flying Falcons in a losing effort.

For starters, GM Ted Thompson officially announced a well-deserved contract extension for CB Tramon Williams, who all of a sudden is the fourth-highest-paid Packer in terms of average salary per year.

Clearly, Williams has become a keeper of the highest order, playing better much of the season than fellow starting CB Charles Woodson, although Woodson, who is considered one of the best in the business, has begun displaying his 2009 league Defensive Player of the Year form the last couple of weeks.

Is there a better set of corners in the NFL than the Woodson-Williams duo at the moment? Maybe Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie with the Jets deserve a slight edge, but other than those two, it’s pretty hard to come up with a better combo.

I would have to think rewarding Williams at this particular time will only serve to motivate him that much more to keep playing his tail off, and it might not be a bad idea for Thompson to consider a similar move for another very deserving free-agent-to-be in ILB Desmond Bishop, who really appears to have blossomed in place of the injured Nick Barnett and is looking better by the week.

As for the other Packers news of the day, two more players have bitten the dust with season-ending injuries — LB Brandon Chillar, who was having trouble staying healthy all season, and recently re-signed LB Spencer Havner, who never really got a shot at making an impact this season after getting hurt in his first game action last Sunday.

Just when it seemed the dreaded injury bug might have finally given the Packers a break — after having stung them so severely the first half of the season — it has returned with a flourish, delivering a double whammy the team can ill afford.

Fortunately, though, the Niners don’t figure to pose much of a challenge this Sunday, although I do see them just managing to cover the early nine-point spread for this weekend’s game.

But that Cardinals team the Niners destroyed last night would have a hard time beating a middle-of-the-road college team right now.

And with that thought, my rant well for this week has run dry.