D.R.C. likely target of Wilson's criticism

Posted Nov. 28, 2010 @ 2:59 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Below are several whispers that we've heard regarding the NFC West:

• When veteran Cardinals SS Adrian Wilson recently took an indirect shot at some of the team's younger players for being a bit too lax, we hear one player he was almost certainly referring to was Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The loosey-goosey third-year cornerback is the polar opposite of the dead-serious Wilson in terms of demeanor, and team insiders tell us Wilson was far from happy with the lack of effort Rodgers-Cromartie blatantly displayed late in the Week 11 loss to the Chiefs.

• We hear Niners TE Vernon Davis has been frustrated in more ways than one lately. In addition to operating at less than full strength for a while now on a tender right ankle that isn't getting any healthier, team insiders tell us he's hardly overjoyed about having to block so much in max-protection schemes, which has cut down on his receiving opportunities.

• Our sources in Seattle tell us the Seahawks initially feared having to place leading WR Mike Williams on injured reserve after he strained his left foot and felt an unusual pop in the Week 11 game against the Saints. But they breathed a sigh of relief when the foot appeared to be much better a few days after the game.

• While he's not going out of his way to push for it, Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford clearly wouldn't mind operating more out of the no-huddle. "Being in Oklahoma, it's something we did a lot of, so I'm very comfortable with it," Bradford said. "If our coaches feel like it's something that gives us an advantage, then I have no problem doing it."