Week 12 power rankings

Posted Nov. 23, 2010 @ 10:20 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

1. New York Jets: What happened to ­defense, run game running the show?

2. New England Patriots: Brady goes for 26 straight home wins against Jets in Week 13.

3. Atlanta Falcons: Three Rams players cramped up trying to defend them.

4. Baltimore Ravens: Pitch on the INT ­return was vintage Ed Reed.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers: Finesse football just wasn't going to work playing the Raiders.

6. Green Bay Packers: Tramon Williams becoming one of the NFL's great young CBs.

7. New Orleans Saints: Keep an eye on Jimmy Graham, who could be a star.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: Proved they can win without Michael Vick at his very best.

9. New York Giants: Turnovers will determine whether team makes noise at the end.

10. Chicago Bears: Couple of tough ­offenses coming up on schedule.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NFL's youngest team making serious playoff push.

12. Indianapolis Colts: Manning took blame for late INT: "Bad throw."

13. San Diego Chargers: Have had ­success winning at Indy.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars: Who needs Mike Sims-Walker?

15. Kansas City Chiefs: What has gotten into Dwayne Bowe?

16. Tennessee Titans: Jeff Fisher looks tired of making excuses for Vince Young.

17. Oakland Raiders: No matter what Ben said, Seymour knows better than that.

18. Washington Redskins: Answered some third-down and two-minute questions.

19. Miami Dolphins: Still wondering why they abandoned run vs. Bears.

20. Seattle Seahawks: Likely will have to keep spreading ball around on offense.

21. Houston Texans: Kubiak can't stop bleeding with late-game management.

22. St. Louis Rams: Bradford's interception-less streak of 169 was pretty impressive.

23. Cleveland Browns: QB question arises again with McCoy's injury.

24. Dallas Cowboys: Jason Garrett needs a few more wins to earn job for good.

25. Minnesota Vikings: Favre says he'll reassess. Vikings wish they could do the same.

26. Denver Broncos: Remaining schedule not as bad as it appeared.

27. San Francisco 49ers: Right when you think they are back ...

28. Buffalo Bills: Time to start thinking about Fitzpatrick as next year's starter.

29. Cincinnati Bengals: Turned 21-point lead into an 18-point loss ... to the Bills.

30. Detroit Lions: Lack of a run game is ­absolutely killing them.

31. Arizona Cardinals: Derek Anderson has a way of padding stats late in blowouts.

32. Carolina Panthers: Mike Goodson has worked his way into future plans.