Vikings-Redskins matchup of the day: Tuesday

Posted Nov. 23, 2010 @ 7:04 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Check out this key matchup in Sunday's game between the Vikings and Redskins at FedEx Field in Week 12:

Vikings QB Brett Favre vs. Redskins secondary

One of the first "moves" interim head coach Leslie Frazier made yesterday was to go tell Favre that he would remain his team's starting QB. The coach showed no hesitation in backing Favre and vowed for the team as a whole to look forward rather than in reverse. In Favre's case, it would be beneficial. The past six quarters have been a mess, as he floundered in the second half of the loss to the Bears and for most of the crushing by the Packers.

But Favre has something going for him in this game. First, the Redskins' secondary. Not only are they bad statistically, but they also could be without CB Carlos Rogers and SS LaRon Landry, probably their two best players back there. Don't get too caught up in the Redskins playing better against the Titans; they did so against third-string QB Rusty Smith throwing his first NFL passes.

Because the Redskins don't pressure exceptionally well other than OLB Brian Orakpo, and because Favre actually has done a nice job side-stepping the rush lately despite all his injuries, it will be on the receivers to get clean releases and get open. Look for Sidney Rice to dial it back just a bit after playing nearly 50 snaps in his debut, which was more than expected. Bernard Berrian lasted only eight plays last game and the hope is that he can go for more than that Sunday. Percy Harvin could be a nightmare for the Redskins if he's matched up against quick but vulnerable Phillip Buchanon. The Redskins play a good amount of zone, and the DBs don't look entirely comfortable doing so, leaving some big holes at times.

The Vikings actually have a chance to gain some yards in the passing game Sunday if all hands are on deck and Favre avoids the boneheaded throws that have been a big part of his game recently.