Fantasy Doc: Time to trade CJ2K?

Posted Nov. 12, 2010 @ 8:34 a.m.
Posted By The Fantasy Doctor

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I've been offered Frank Gore and Larry Fitzgerald for Chris Johnson and Percy Harvin. In my league, receiving yards get a lot of points, so Gore is having a better year than Johnson. Should I hold off now that Randy Moss is a member of the Titans? I'm also 7-1 and not too sure if I should mess with my team. Thanks.

— Lou

This is an interesting deal, Lou, as all four players involved have clear value. That said, I don't think it's one I'd recommend.

In leagues that seriously reward receiving yards, Gore has had a ton of value this season, as he has been a pass-catching machine. He hasn't been too shabby on the ground, either, with three 100-yard rushing games in a row. The only thing he hasn't done much of is score TDs. But giving him up for Johnson is difficult, even if CJ2K isn't likely to come near his 2009 production. His yardage may be down, but he still has eight TDs, and I think he will start to find more running room now that Moss is around to open up the field. I think you'd be selling him low here.

As for the WRs, Fitz might be the most talented receiver in the league, but he has been very inconsistent. It's not his fault — the quarterback play in Arizona has been terrible for the most part — but it's affecting his stats. His second half is likely to be filled with plenty of peaks and valleys. That shouldn't be the case for Harvin, who has put up back-to-back 100-yard performances and should continue to be targeted a ton the rest of the way. The return of Sidney Rice might even help Harvin, who won't get as much defensive attention. He should finish '10 strong.

Hi Doc!
I am evaluating a trade and would like your diagnosis. I am in a standard 10-team league where distance of TD makes a difference. I have been offered Mike Wallace for Ryan Torain. I feel I'm in "healthy" shape at RB with Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles and Jahvid Best. At WR, on the other hand, I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I have Steve Smith (Car.), Kenny Britt, both Mike Williams', Dez Bryant and Jacoby Jones. Would you make this deal?
— John

Considering who your other players are at RB and WR, John, I see this as a deal you have to make.

While Torain has done a nice job filling in for the Redskins, we've probably seen the best he has to offer this season. The team wants to increase the role of Keiland Williams, possibly as its third-down back, and Clinton Portis is due back from a groin injury soon. That means Torain could be headed for a timeshare, something Mike Shanahan is notorious for in his coaching career. Plus, you're already strong at RB, so you don't need him that badly.

Meanwhile, Wallace is the perfect receiver to own in a league that rewards bonus points for distance scores. He is gaining a ridiculous 23 yards per catch with five TDs, three of which have come from 40-plus yards. He's the guy QB Ben Roethlisberger is going to look to when the Steelers need a big play, and that should only continue down the stretch. Looking at who your other WRs are, you would definitely benefit from adding Wallace. Pull the trigger.