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They Said It: Vikings Thursday edition

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By Eric Edholm

Here are some quotes from today's coordinator and player sessions with the Minnesota media. All quotes are from team transcripts.

Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell on the no-huddle offense: "We've done that before. We've gone into a no-huddle type of situation before. Really the situation at the end of the game, like you said, dictated it and obviously you're in a much faster mode than you really initially even need to be. Can we get to that? We can absolutely get to it. We can move quicker, but not to the pace that we had in that two-minute situation to try to change the pace of the game. We have done that. It just all depends on how we want to end up breaking it down for the game and how we want to attack them. I felt like we moved the ball pretty well in the game, even before those last two drives, but we ended up having situations where we were killing ourselves. On the four-yard line, we get hit, throw an interception. We do get it down earlier in the game, the 4th-and-1. We're moving it. I feel like we've been more productive these last couple weeks of moving the ball up and down the field. Now we need to finish those drives and get them in the endzone. Of course, we would like to start faster. Maybe get one of those first drives to get some points on the board and not put so much pressure on ourselves to have to make miraculous comebacks at the end of the game."

Bevell on the slow starts in games for the offense: "We go back and look at if every week, and if you ask the players, the one thing that is continually happening over and over, even though we are feeling like we're getting more consistent, we are getting more of a rhythm throughout the game. Obviously we're moving the ball up and down the field, not finishing it at this point, but the one thing it keeps coming back to is it's ourselves. It hasn't really been what the other defense has done to us. I think as Brett alluded to yesterday, we jump offside here, we have a missed assignment here, we may drop a ball and not look at it right. We might miss a read. There's a combination of things that we are kind of bringing on ourselves. Our focus right now is continuing to talk about our execution and handling our business. We know what the defense is going to do. Our tendencies and things that we look at, what we expect. We have to be able to react to the situations that we're in, get better with our execution on a consistent basis. We kind of think that is what it's coming back to."

Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier on the run defense: "It has been a little bit up and down. Hopefully we're on the right track now. We'll need to do well against the run this weekend. Chicago has the ability to be able to run the football. They've got some good backs in Forté and Chester, so we'll have to play good run defense."

Frazier on the defense's tackling: "We've tackled well at times; we just haven't been as consistent as we need to be in certain situations. We've got to develop that consistency across the board, whether it's at defensive line, linebacker, defensive back; the fact that we're consistently making those open-field tackles and getting people to the ground without that extra yardage. It's something that we've done well in the past with. That's one of the reasons we've been so good with run defense in the past. We've just got to keep moving in that direction."

Frazier on why the defense blitzed more at the end of the game: "The circumstances sometimes dictate it. The circumstances were such that we needed to do a little bit more. If you look back at our Jets game, for instance, we were having a tough time getting things generated and we wanted to keep that score close so we would have a chance at the end of the game. We did some other things to try to keep us in position, and this game was no different. We had to do some things to keep it relatively close so we would have a chance at the end. Ideally for us, we would like to rush four. That's how we like to do it, and we have been successful in doing it. There are times where we need to do a little bit more, and Sunday was one of those days."

Frazier on resting Jared Allen a few more plays: "You like to think that it helped and that's one of the reasons we're doing it. We've done it sporadically over the course of this year and we want to do it more, but you like to have him fresh in that fourth quarter. That was the purpose of doing it, and hopefully it does keep him fresh until you get a chance to rush in the fourth quarter, so he can put out his best in every situation."

Vikings special-teams coordinator Brian Murphy on the kick-coverage breakdowns: "We just didn't do a very good job of leveraging the football.­­ I think if you watch the tape, you saw the middle of the field was wide open. Whether guys didn't know how far the ball was drifting to the middle of the field, it really didn't drift that far, but we didn't do a very good job of adjusting to it on the run. I'd like to tell you it was something else. It was guys that didn't adjust, and we didn't adjust quickly enough. Like we talked about last week, there are a lot of talented guys that catch the ball back there, whether it's punts or kickoffs. To make a mistake like that, you'll pay."

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson on playing the Bears: "I love playing every team, but I love playing at Soldier Field. I don't know what it is, probably cause 'Sweetness' [Walter Payton] played there and just the tradition of the stadium. I look forward to carrying the load if they call my number."

Peterson on the Bears defenders trying to strip the ball: "Yeah. They're kind of like New Orleans. They'd rather try to strip the ball than tackle first. That can hurt you in the long run. That's one thing those guys do. I've seen it on tape. I've just got to continue doing what I've been doing: keeping the ball high and tight and taking advantage of those guys stripping the ball instead of going for the tackle."

Peterson on how nice it has been that nobody is talking about him fumbling the ball this year: "It's been cool. I'm just waiting to see what else they'll come up with. I'm enjoying it.

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