Five questions with PFW Vikings correspondent Judd Zulgad

Posted Nov. 11, 2010 @ 10:05 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Pro Football Weekly hits up PFW correspondent and Vikings beat writer Judd Zulgad to discuss five hot issues surrounding the team.

PFW: Do you expect owner Zygi Wilf to stay close to the team this week and next with this being such a delicate time for the franchise?

Zulgad: Wilf returned to his New Jersey home after the Vikings came from 14 points down with less than five minutes left last Sunday to beat Arizona in overtime. He spent two days at Winter Park last week talking to club officials and players about the season and also head coach Brad Childress, but it's not certain if he will be back this week.

PFW: Was Brad Childress' "hug" comment really a joke? Is that just the way he and Brett trade barbs?

Zulgad: Childress and Favre might not see eye-to-eye all the time — or much at all — but that comment by Childress was typical of his sense of humor. In that case, it was an example of people looking for anything to pounce on and really that comment caused way too much excitement. Favre had jokingly said on Wednesday he could use a hug and Sunday Childress had some fun with it.

PFW: Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier pressured more last game. Was that a sign of future things? Can we expect more of it?

Zulgad: The Vikings led the NFL in sacks last season but had only six entering last Sunday's game. Using a bit more pressure they recorded six more against Cardinals QB Derek Anderson. I'd say that as much as Frazier would like his front four to get the pressure he saw enough good things last Sunday to convince him that adding a blitz now and then is a good idea.

PFW: Did Bernard Berrian do enough in Week Nine — and considering Randy Moss' exit — to make you think he could return next season?

Zulgad: There remains a good chance Berrian is not back but, yes, given what the Vikings will be up against with losing players after this season because of free agency, there is a chance they could hold on to Berrian if he shows something over the second half of the season. Who knows? Berrian might also benefit from a different quarterback next season, as strange as that may sound.

PFW: Can any of the backs handle pass protection at this point?

Zulgad: Adrian Peterson has gotten better but is still far from a finished product in this area and missed on a couple of assignments last week. Rookie Toby Gerhart handled many of the third-down situations the previous Sunday at New England. The Vikings have no one who is the equal of Chester Taylor when it comes to pass protection and finding the best fit for third down remains a work in progress.