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Vikings They said it: Wednesday edition

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By Eric Edholm

Here are some quotes from Wednesday's press conference and conference calls with the Minnesota media:

Vikings head coach Brad Childress on whether he needs to talk with OLT Bryant McKinnie considering how much trouble Julius Peppers gave him last year in a game in Carolina: "He's a prideful guy. He's aware of that. He'll see him on that side, of course, and you're also going to see [Peppers] show up on the other side too. Typically he goes to the open-ended side. We're going to get a chance to see him twice a year now, so that will be a little difference."

Childress on whether Brett Favre has regained his "aura:" "What I mentioned [after the game] was that I just saw how he practiced last week, even though he didn't practice Wednesday, I think Thursday was probably the 'livest' he's been, arm-wise, bounce in his step, receivers with a bounce in their step, he had touch long, he had touch short. I thought he was really on task. Right along with that, I thought that the receivers, and specifically Bernard Berrian, had that kind of week. Usually when you do things like that, they get carried over to game-plan wise.

Childress on what Sidney Rice needs to show in practice to play this weekend: "It's not going to be a sole-source deal where I say he's playing. He's got a pretty good feel having played in this league, even though he's not going to flop on the turf out here or get caught in a nutcracker drill out here. Just that he's got all the things that he can play at the high level that he's used to playing at, that he can defend himself and that he's going to feel OK about absorbing a hit. It's very difficult to simulate that. We'll go outside today, we've got nice weather out here, and we'll see how he does on the grass and then it's always a matter of how he comes back tomorrow, how he comes back the next day."

Childress on whether Adrian Peterson is having his best season: "He's having a very good season. It's hard to sit back and quantify where he's at. I'm sure you have the numbers. He's contributing in all areas. Running the football obviously very well; he's getting his hands on the ball out of the backfield and being productive with those."

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre on whether he has more energy: "Say we lost in overtime, I doubt he says that. I took off last Wednesday, so maybe I felt a little better Thursday. That was kind of the hope; take a day off, feel a little better. I felt like going in, or the few days that I did practice, maybe my arm felt a little more live or I had a little more pep in my step. I don't know. I kind of felt the same as I did the previous week. It was one of those games where, a lot like San Francisco last year, each pass I got hit. More and more fatigue set in. I felt it after the game. As far as the game went, I went in with the same energy I thought as I did the previous week, and really several weeks leading up. It always helps when you win. You find guys saying things like that."

Favre on how much he would like to have more freedom within the offense: "I think every quarterback, especially as you become older, and you've been around a long time, would like to have more control. We always think that the plays we would call would be better, just like the people sitting at home, 'I would call this play or I would call that play.' I think trusting your quarterback, especially a guy who, I mean my first couple years I'm sure I recommended plays to Mike Holmgren. I'm pretty sure of the reply. I hadn't earned my stripes yet. I do remember where it came a time and he would ask, 'What do you like? What do you think?' It may not really be what he would have called or felt at that particular time, but again I was out on the field so it was more of a comfort level, 'Okay if he feels good in this set or play or concept, then I'm going to give him that chance.' I think, you talked about a two-minute situation and you're right, if you did that for the most part the whole game, unless you're down by 14 and there's three minutes left, you have to hurry up, time is a huge factor, then it's just more of a controlled two-minute situation if you will. To me the key to the whole thing, is that there is a less volume of plays, so in your mind you're thinking there's less mistakes. If you're running one route and one route and one route over and over again, you would be thinking it would be hard to screw it up. Or you may be running one protection; yeah they know what you are doing. It's kind of like the Chicago Bears defense. You pretty much know what they're doing, now can you beat them at it? I think that's why over the years I have been fairly successful in that type of offense. Not only do I feel comfortable but I have a pretty good idea of what we're doing. There is just this comfort level where I don't have to worry about where guys are lining up, motion, do I have a protection change? All of those things are a part of football. Simplicity, sometimes to me, is one of the most overlooked things in this game. I would prefer to do it more, but don't get me wrong, I wouldn't think that's a whole lot different than any other veteran quarterback across the league. "

Favre on his ankle and foot injuries: "It's OK. Of course, after games it always feels worse, but it's still swollen and at least I'm able to function enough on it that for the Monday and Tuesday and maybe Wednesday, try and stay off of it as much as possible. Try and get it back to where it feels tolerable. I'm surprised that with a broken foot, it doesn't feel as bad as it probably should."

Bears head coach Lovie Smith on how Peppers has played this season: "Julius Peppers has played great ball every game, I understand when you look at the stats, most times when people judge defensive linemen, they only look at the number of sacks a player has, but he's commanding respect every game, getting doubled, chipped, all different things that you do when you respect an outside rusher's ability.  We've been very pleased with how he's played the run and being one of the captains of our team."

Smith on whether the offensive line has been the most frustrating part of the season: "We've had to deal with some things with the offensive line, from injuries to not playing as well as we would like to. You just have to keep plugging away, which our guys have done. We feel like we've gotten through the majority of the injuries, hopefully. Hopefully we can keep the same group together for a while. You have to let the offensive line play together. Our guys have played different positions which isn't an ideal situation, but we like the progress, we like the growth that we saw last week. We have a big challenge ahead of us coming up with the Vikings. They have one of the best defensive lines around."

Peppers on whether teams are surprised when he switches sides during a game: "It's not about surprising anybody. I don't think I could surprise anybody in this league right now. I've been playing well for a long time. I'm used to being game-planned for, and I'm used to having extra attention. It's just one of those things you have to deal with being one of the elite players at your position. You have to deal with that and find out ways to beat it. You just have to be patient and keep working. Sooner or later things will start going your way."

Peppers on whether he has been pleased with his performance so far: "Yeah, I've been pleased. The numbers aren't where we would like them to be, but those things will come. But other than that, I think it's been a great season. I think it's been one of my better seasons playing the position overall, rushing and playing the run and just being active on the field, it's been one of my better years."

Peppers on what weaknesses he sees with the Vikings' offensive line: "We don't necessarily try to pick out a certain thing to focus on with an opponent. We mainly worry about ourselves and doing what we do. That's the thing that's been working for us, not necessarily trying to game plan for an opponent. We do look at opponent's film and study those guys, but we're more concerned with ourselves and how we play and what we're doing. As long as we take care of ourselves, we think we should be fine."

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