Week 10 power rankings

Posted Nov. 09, 2010 @ 2:51 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

1. Baltimore Ravens: That's the kind of second-half defense of which they're capable.

2. New York Giants: Eli's postgame pep talk: "Don't start thinking we're good now."

3. New York Jets: Mark Sanchez's work in late-game two-minute drill was impressive.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers: Bad timing to catch Patriots coming off brutal loss.

5. New England Patriots: Offensive woes have lingered since bye.

6. Atlanta Falcons: Full-team effort on goal-line stand.

7. New Orleans Saints: What else does Brees have to do to disprove knee injury?

8. Green Bay Packers: Nick Collins' hit was only negative from Cowboys thrashing.

9. Indianapolis Colts: It looks like Austin Collie avoided very serious injury.

10. Tennessee Titans: Adding Moss likely means they're smelling Colts' blood.

11. Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick badly wants to beat Redskins this time.

12. Kansas City Chiefs: Young team still learning how to finish off games.

13. Oakland Raiders: Run defense made appropriate adjustments against Chiefs.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No quit in this young, feisty team.

15. San Diego Chargers: Look out — ­sitting in perfect stalking position again.

16. Houston Texans: Losing 3-of-4 at home makes first playoff berth a lot tougher chore.

17. St. Louis Rams: Best that they stuck with the young WR talent.

18. Chicago Bears: Through eight games, do we know their offensive identity?

19. Miami Dolphins: Road warriors weren't going to keep it going forever.

20. Washington Redskins: Portis thinks he can return now, but will it be as a starter?

21. Minnesota Vikings: Not to burst bubble, but win was about eight good minutes.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars: Safeties Courtney Greene, Don Carey will be under fire.

23. Cleveland Browns: Rob Ryan will be hot head-coach candidate with name, game.

24. Seattle Seahawks: Allowed almost 1,000 yards in past two games combined.

25. Arizona Cardinals: Eight return TDs to only 11 combined rushing and receiving.

26. Cincinnati Bengals: Facing Peyton at Indy in short week ... not pretty picture.

27. Detroit Lions: Getting to point where you question Stafford's durability, not toughness.

28. San Francisco 49ers: Last week was quietest it has been around team all season.

29. Denver Broncos: Won't pull trigger on Tim Tebow any time soon.

30. Dallas Cowboys: Mike Jenkins has taken a serious fall this season.

31. Carolina Panthers: Well, at least Tony Pike didn't embarrass himself.

32. Buffalo Bills: Oh-for-Canada in three games in Toronto.