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They said it: Browns Tuesday edition

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Posted Nov. 09, 2010 @ 12:25 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following are quotes of note from the Browns media availability on Monday. All quotes, unless noted otherwise, are provided by the club:

Browns head coach Eric Mangini on whether rookie QB Colt McCoy, who's been under center as Cleveland has upset New England and New Orleans in its last two games, had shown enough to keep the starting job going forward: "I was really happy again with him (Sunday). Where I've been happy with him is we gave him some more to do this week and it was a game-plan specific defense that we were facing, so it's not just him coming up and looking at a defense that's easy to read. It's him coming up and looking at a defense that's different than what has been there the last few weeks and seeing what he (needs) to see and making those decisions. That type of growth is something that I've been pleased with and he's making the discussion harder and harder each week, but we'll see where Colt and (QB) Seneca (Wallace) are and we'll have that discussion. Myself and (offensive coordinator) Brian (Daboll), I will talk to (president) Mike (Holmgren) about that as well, but he's definitely making it a lot harder."

Mangini on whether Wallace and QB Jake Delhomme, who both have ankle injuries, will practice this week: "I think that Seneca probably will. I think Jake might have a chance on Thursday or Friday. I think (ORT) John (St. Clair) has a chance this week as well. We may have a full group practicing this week, so mark your calendars."

Mangini on whether he thinks the Browns, who outrushed New England 230-68 on Sunday, have been dominant physically of late: "I don't think there has been any week where I felt like we had been outmatched physically. My hope and expectation is that there won't be a week like that, because that's a starting point in what we want to do, playing physical football, playing tough football. Making sure that win or lose, whoever you're playing understands that they were in a fight. There are bruises on all sides — that are the launching point for us. I like what we did physically yesterday. I want to see more of it. I want to see, every play, where you're imposing your will on your opponent."

Mangini on his mood after two straight wins: "I feel a lot better. Believe me, this is a lot more fun talking today than it was before. I feel the best for the guys collectively and the coaches collectively because they work, and I know I say it a lot, they work hard. They care, and it means something, and it hurts when we lose, and playing in Cleveland means something. The city means something, being in front of our fans means something and you want to see them be rewarded for that. You want to reward the fans for their loyalty, you want to be able to give those groups what they deserve. That's important."

Mangini on whether the wins "vindicate" his approach and methods: "I don't know if that's the word I'd use. To me, I really think that any transition I've been through and the transition in New York, that was difficult too because you have a certain level of expectation and a certain philosophy. Everybody wants to move forward, but they want to do it in a very comfortable way. Very rarely can you have growth without changing things and dealing with all of the stuff that comes with that, but I believe in it. I really believe in what we do, I believe in people, that's the core of it. I believe in good people and work. Good people, good work ethic, working together and I think when you have that, you're going to see progress. It may not always be really flashy or impressive, but you're going to keep taking steps."

Mangini on how long it took for the team to buy into his approach: "You'd see a little bit more each week and you'd get a little bit better each week last year. At the end of the day, you're really evaluated by did you win or did you not win? Even though things may have gotten better in certain areas or there was growth in certain areas or players improved, the benchmark is the wins. It's hard to show that progress externally even though you're seeing that happening internally. A lot of guys were working at it. The nice thing in the second year is guys start becoming teachers and start helping along the process. That tends to make it go a lot smoother and ideally accelerates it."

Browns WR-RS Joshua Cribbs, quoted in The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer on the prospect of McCoy remaining the starter: "When the kid is playing remarkable football like that and we're on a roll, I'm sure (Wallace and Delhomme) will understand if the (coaches) decide to keep (McCoy) at quarterback. I think he's making a strong case for himself to be a contender. I think there's gonna be a quarterback battle once these guys get healthy."

Browns OLG Eric Steinbach, quoted in the Akron Beacon Journal on the club's recent turnaround: "Teams are either gonna divide or everyone's gonna come together, and you're gonna just kind of relax and just go out there and play ball and play as a team and win. And I think that the group of guys that we have in our locker room and the coaching staff, I think we've done that the last couple of weeks. I think we were heading into New Orleans at 1-5, and you didn't know where it was gonna go, but we had the attitude that week. We came in the game (thinking) it's a must-win. And I think everyone's been feeding off each other, and it's been positive.''

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