Edwards' DWI case adjourned

Posted Nov. 09, 2010 @ 10:16 a.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Braylon Edwards' DWI case was adjourned until Jan. 11, giving the Jets' receiver's attorney and the Manhattan D.A. office time to file motions. The motions are due to the first week of December.

Edwards was arrested on Sept. 21 and charged with two counts for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, as a breathalyzer showed his blood-alcohol content was .16 — twice the legal limit.

"The schedule reflects what's normally done in most cases," Edwards' attorney, Peter Frankel, said to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "I can tell you without hesitation it's not getting any special treatment."

Jan. 11 is the Tuesday before the NFL divisional playoffs.