Vikings-Cardinals prediction

Posted Nov. 07, 2010 @ 11:36 a.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

The Vikings find themselves in one of their most tumultuous weeks, and the Cardinals are sneaking in as a flawed but somewhat dangerous opponent. Can the Vikings turn things around for one week? Can they somehow channel all this negative energy and turn it on its head? If they do, it will be for two reasons: Adrian Peterson and the defense. Percy Harvin is limping (emotionally and physically). Randy Moss is yesterday's issue. Brad Childress might not have complete control of his football team. So you have to lean on the two things that have been reliable this season.

Sure, the defense has not been the typical rock against the run, and there are problems in the secondary. But that front seven is capable of breaking out any game. And they have one of the best players in the NFL who hasn't had a bad game this season. Peterson could shred the Cardinals' front seven, an angry young man who will take out his frustrations on a group with problems. It might not be pretty, but the Vikings will somehow scratch out a win in front of what is sure to be an agitated, impatient crowd.

Prediction: Vikings 21, Cardinals 14