Fantasy Doc: Is Gates tradeable?

Posted Nov. 05, 2010 @ 11:09 a.m.
Posted By The Fantasy Doctor

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I've been offered Anquan Boldin and Heath Miller for Antonio Gates. My league starts three WRs, and I have Andre Johnson, Pierre Garcon, Steve Smith (NYG) and Mike Sims-Walker. Should I make the deal?

— Mario

As enticing as it might sound to get a top-notch receiver and a good tight end, I'm not making this deal, Mario.

Gates is simply too good to trade away without getting a bona fide superstar in return. He already has a ridiculous nine TDs and is making more big plays than ever. With 663 yards as well, he's putting up numbers comparable to or better than most of the game's top wideouts. I know he now has injuries on both of his feet, but he always has played though pain, and it's still worth holding on to him even if he has to miss a game or two. I don't think his play will tail off much in the second half, especially with the way QB Philip Rivers likes to air it out.

With injuries hitting the Indy receiving corps and Sims-Walker bouncing back, you have a pretty deep group of WRs. While adding Boldin would help, you don't really need him all that badly. And the step down from Gates to Miller is steep. I'd stick with what you have and enjoy Gates' unbelievable production down the stretch.

Dr. Fantasy,
Now that Randy Moss is a member of the Titans, what kind of fantasy impact do you see him making? Thanks.

— Bert

The Moss situation is an extremely interesting one, Bert. Who would have thought that a player of his caliber would already be on his third team of 2010 at the season's halfway point?

Claiming Moss on waivers makes a lot of sense for Tennessee. Not only is the team short on receivers with Kenny Britt (hamstring) likely out for multiple weeks, but it needed someone to open up the offense in order to give RB Chris Johnson, who consistently has faced loaded fronts this season, more room to roam. Even if Moss isn't the same elite field stretcher that he once was, he still forces defenses to respect his deep speed, so they won't be able to commit so many people to the run.

As for Moss' fantasy value, it definitely won't be as high as it has been in other places, but he still has a lot of potential in Nashville. He'll be the clear-cut No. 1 WR, meaning he'll see plenty of targets. It also means he'll see lots of defensive attention, but that hasn't stopped him from producing in the past. While Moss might not put up ridiculous reception or yardage numbers in the Titans' run-first offense, he has a good chance to find paydirt every time out. Owners obviously have to stick with him until he proves otherwise.