Giants' Jacobs learning to accept reserve role

Posted Nov. 04, 2010 @ 9:19 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs' career — and season, for that matter — has come full circle. When Jacobs entered the league, he was a complement to Tiki Barber, who had a more well-rounded game. Jacobs eventually became the starter over the past few seasons, but it became clear that he was best in a reserve role where his power could be used as a knockout punch against defenses, not as a 15-round fighter. The move has paid off this season, as it did early in Jacobs' career. Ahmad Bradshaw has assumed the starting role, and other than his four lost fumbles, he has done an excellent job. His quickness through the hole opens the playbook more in terms of options. And though Jacobs is a little more limited, he has embraced his reserve role after initially rejecting it and getting off to a rough start to the season. Talk of trading Jacobs is all water under the bridge now, as he's averaging close to five yards per carry. And the Giants have an excellent alternative in Jacobs if Bradshaw continues to struggle with ball security. It's an excellent situation to be in for the Giants.