Chiefs CB Flowers forcing QBs to throw elsewhere

Posted Nov. 03, 2010 @ 7:20 p.m.
Posted By Michael Blunda

While his first two seasons were nice, Year Three has been the charm for Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers. The way we hear it, Flowers is on the brink of becoming a shutdown corner. After the 2008 second-rounder completely blanketed his assignments early in the season, teams have been forced to throw away from him and pick on guys like CB Brandon Carr and the Chiefs' rookie safeties. When quarterbacks have tested him, Flowers has responded, defending eight passes, including two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown). His physicality in supporting the run defense is also one of the reasons the Chiefs have been so effective at stopping opposing rushers in 2010. Head coach Todd Haley has taken notice of Flowers' improvement. "I am seeing something different in Brandon. Skill set aside, this guy is a unique, highly competitive player," Haley said. "You can see that he enjoys and thrives on being challenged."