Week Eight: Did Brett Favre earn his money?

Posted Nov. 02, 2010 @ 5:14 p.m.
Posted By Eric Edholm

Each week we examine whether Vikings QB Brett Favre, who is being paid more than $1 million per game this season, earned his paycheck. Let's take a look at the Week Eight loss to the Patriots:

Favre had his best statistical game when there was serious concern heading in that he even would play in the game. The two ankle fractures didn't appear to be any kind of problem during the game as Favre moved around well enough to make plays and keep the Vikings in the game.

Favre's completion percentage hovered near 70 percent, a season high, and he threw for 259 yards. On the negative side, Favre took two intentional grounding penalties under heavy pressure and missed on a couple of big plays. The interception, which was a drop by Percy Harvin, was not Favre's fault. The team's pass protection could have been better, too.

His worst moment in the game came when Favre was clocked by Patriots DL Myron Pryor under the chin, leading to Favre needing eight stitches. That play might never have happened if WR Randy Moss had given better effort on the pass-interference call near the Patriots' endzone he drew; Favre's pass landed close enough to Moss, it appeared, that he could have had a walk-in touchdown. If Moss scores, Favre doesn't get knocked out of the game two plays later.

By 2010 standards at least, Favre very much earned his paycheck in this game — and earned himself a nice little scar, too.