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Q&A with Falcons RB Michael Turner

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Posted Oct. 31, 2010 @ 6:31 p.m. ET
By Dan Parr

With the first-place Falcons enjoying a Week Eight bye, RB Michael Turner spent some time reflecting on the team's 5-2 start in an interview with PFW.

PFW: Some people say this team is more mature this season. Would you say that is the case?

Turner: No, we're not more mature. We're just winning football games now. We're winning the tough games. … We're not working harder. We had a lot of injuries last year and still went 9-7, so we know if we're all here staying healthy that we got a great shot to do something special.

PFW: You've been on some successful teams with the Chargers and the Falcons. I know it's still early, but is this one of the better teams you've been on?

Turner: It's hard to say right now. It's still so early in the season for us. I really can't rank this team right now. I know on paper, we have a lot of talent, but you've still got to show up and work. Nobody's going to give us anything. I would wait until the end of the season to see where I rank this thing.

PFW: Does this team have the potential to be the best one you've been on?

Turner: Yes. We've got potential. That's not saying too much. Potential doesn't mean much if you don't put the work in. We try not to use that word around here.

PFW: Are you surprised by what Roddy White has done so far?

Turner: Surprised? No. Roddy's been putting up great numbers year-in and year-out. Right now he's just playing out of this world right now. He's playing lights out. That's what we expect from him. We see him put the work in. He was here all offseason. … He was showing every day that he was making great plays during practices and it's translated to the field.

PFW: Is he different from the Roddy White you met when you first joined the team?

Turner: He's more mature now, I guess. (The team) wasn't (very) good before the rest of us guys got here and coach (Mike) Smith got here. To be winning football games now and with the potential of this team, I think he's taking a more serious approach. That's something you've got to ask him, but he just seems different.

PFW: Do you have more confidence in Matt Ryan than you did one year ago?

Turner: I would say not more, not less. He's our quarterback. He's the one we have to follow. If we're not totally confident in our quarterback, then we're all in trouble. … There's definitely improvement. Every year he's making strides. He wants to be one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. He knows he's got to work for it. He's out here studying, doing everything he needs to do to make sure he gives himself the best chance to be successful in this league.

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