Texans searched players' lockers for banned substances

Posted Oct. 29, 2010 @ 10:40 p.m.
Posted By PFW staff

Concerned that some of his players might be using illegal substances, Texans owner Bob McNair instructed team staffers to search the players' lockers and remove any substances not approved by the league.

The unusual action, which was first reported by USA Today and occurred "about a month ago," according to the team, apparently stemmed from the fact that the Texans had already lost two of their players — LB Brian Cushing and OLT Duane Brown — to four-game suspensions this season for violating the NFL's policies on banned substances.

McNair said Friday that he took the action to serve as a deterrent to future violations, believing that the club is within its rights to control players while they're using the team's facilities.

"We concluded that one thing we can do is to just go through the locker room and make sure that if anybody is using anything, it's a product from one of the approved manufacturers," McNair said. "That's about all that we can do."

The NFL Players Association didn't immediately respond to an Associated Press request for a response. Meanwhile, league spokesman Greg Aiello said the search was "a club matter."

Cushing sat out the Texans' first four games after testing positive for hCG, a fertility drug that has been associated with steroid users. Cushing argued that he never took the drug and that doctors explained that he has a unique medical condition that triggered the positive test.

Brown, who returns from his suspension for the Monday-night game at Indianapolis, admitted using a supplement tainted with a substance banned by the league.